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DirectorConcept Statement:


DirectorConcept Statement

Thisplay revolves around Mel, her family and friends during one summervacation that would end up being “the summer of her life” withrespect to love. From the onset, it is clear that Mel is worried thatshe will have an unpleasant summer because she will be going to aplace that she has never been before “Martha’s Vineyard”. WhenMel`s family told her, she would be spending the summer in Martha`sVineyard she never expected to have the summer of her life with herfirst love, Anthony.

Themain theme of this play is love. From the time, that Mel’s friendsAubrey and Alex enter it is clear that this vacation will be uniqueto these lifelong friends because this will be the first summerholiday that they will be spending apart. They meet over dinner towish each other goodbye and when Mel tells Alex that she has asurprise for him, it soon materialized that the surprise was tointroduce her new boyfriend, drew. This, surprises Alex because Alexdid not know that Mel had a boyfriend. This appears to be one waywhere the director uses other people or artists in order to introducethe theme of love.

Thispicture could be used to represent the family and friends as they haddinner as they wished each other goodbye, as they would not bespending the summer together. After the family and friends eatdinner, it becomes apparent that Mel and drew will not be togetherfor the summer holidays and this new found love seem to have comestumbling down. However, it appears that the director uses this as aplot to lead the viewer into guessing what will happen next. This isbecause Mel and drew soon break up and it is time for Mel and herfamily to leave for “Martha’s Vineyard”, an experience thatwill change her life because she will spend the summer with her firstlove.

Ithink the feeling of love is portrayed by Mel and Anthony in similarways. The two meet and they feel attraction for each other. Evenafter meeting in a bar they are both willing to take risks walking inthe beach on the first day they meet. The director also wished tocreate a bright mood for the play. In all the chapters, there are noinstances of sorrow or bereavement. Even when Mel breaks up with drewit soon becomes apparent that the following morning will bring in anew dawn in her life and so there is no need to “wear a sad face”.

Soonafter Mel and Anthony meet, they fall in love with each other andthey kiss on the beach on not only this first night but also the dayafter.

Thispicture could be used to represent Mel and Anthony kissing and havingfun on the beach after they realize that they are in love with eachother.

Itcould also be possible that the director wanted to show that love issomething that comes naturally and does not need to be forced. Thisargument perfectly confirms the thesis statement because it isapparent that at the beginning there was no way to tell whether Melwould have the summer of her life with her first love, Anthony.

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