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Discussion Question 1




Turner’sexecutive vice president has done a good job of defining the researchobjective. This is because he has been a position to indicate thepurpose of the research. According to the case, the executive vicepresident has indicated the purpose of the research as finding outwhat noncustomers and customers think about the firm so as to findout the direction that the firm may take in gaining a bigger marketshare (Zikmund&amp Babin, 2007). Besides, the executive vice president has done agood job of defining the research objective since he has indicatedthe information that is being sought by the firm. In addition, he hasindicated how the information will be utilized. Therefore, since hehas done these three things, which are critical in defining aresearch objective, he has done a good job.


Iwould recommend this firm to use the internet surveys. I recommendthis survey method for this firm because the market in which it willcarry out its research has a lot of people to be interviewed. Becauseof the high number of people to be engaged in the survey, the firmwould require a survey method that is likely to save costs. Lookingat the other methods such as interviews or phone calls, such methodswill be exceedingly costly in conducting the survey. Therefore,internet survey would be the best for the firm since it will savecosts to the firm. Besides, this survey method would be the best forthe firm as it will be capable of ensuring anonymity of the peopleinvolved in the survey (Zikmund&amp Babin, 2007). Some people may feel okay when they remainanonymous, making them free to offer any information to the firm thatcan be beneficial in the firm’s research. On the other hand, Irecommend this research method as it will be capable of providing aneasy analysis of information provided that can help in making swiftdecisions. Furthermore, the survey method can ensure exceedingly fastresults.


Thereare different errors that are likely to emerge, during the conductionof the survey by the firm. One such error entails the sampling error.The firm will not be capable of conducting a survey that will be in aposition to engage all the population however, it will only need touse a representative sample, which it will then utilize ingeneralizing its findings. The data collected from the representativesample may not give the true view of the entire population.Therefore, a sampling error may occur. This error can be mitigated byensuring that a large population sample is utilized in conducting thesurvey. As the sample size is increased, it gets near to the actualpopulation, which mitigates the likelihood of having deviations fromthe real population. Sampling error can also be mitigated throughincreasing stratification of the sample population. Another errorthat is likely to occur during the survey entails administrativeerror. These can be due to confusion, neglect, carelessness, oromission among other things. This may include data processing errorand interviewer error. During data processing an error may occur dueto incorrect data. Besides, an interviewer may not pose questionscorrectly leading to errors. Administrative errors can be mitigatedthrough ensuring accuracy during data entry.


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