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Inthe story, “The Lady with the Dog,” by Anton Chekhov, DmitriDmitritch Gurov meeting with the lady is interesting. At first, thelady with the dog appears on the sea-front. Then, Gurov identifiesher that he even, saw her in the gardens walking alone. It isinteresting how he comments about her. In his comments, he portrayshis wish that the lady was alone in that land so as to approach andyet he is married. The fact that Gurov reveals his personal issues inthe story makes its very interesting. He admits that he has beencheating on her wife for a while. He calls women the “lower race”and yet he expresses how he cannot go for long without them (Chekhov2).

Gurovseems to have camped both in the public gardens and the sea-frontbecause later, he meets this lady in the gardens. While they aredining, the way Gurov approaches the lady even without knowing hername is also interesting. After that meeting Gurov knew her name,Anna Sergeyevna (Chekhov 6). Also, it is interesting how this manentices Sergeyevna with sweet stories about himself. A week later, hethought how great he was after managing to get intact with Sergeyevnaat the sea-front. Gurov makes interesting when he states how he isbored when the lady expresses her feelings in his room. After havinggreat moments, Gurov is disgusted how the lady left for her husbandwithout fulfilling his desires (Chekhov 7).

Thefirst day Gurov saw the lady made him make daily visits to thesea-front and the public gardens, I find this very interesting. It isinteresting how he wishes that the lady was alone without her husbandor friend. I think he should be more concerned of what the lady wasdoing there just like the other people. It is interesting how Gurovhave cheated on his wife thinking that he would win this lady at theend of it all. The way he explains how he feels comfortable withwomen reveals his confident in enticing the lady. The fact that thelady finally leaves without satisfying Gurov’s needs is makes thematter very interesting and humorous.

Gurov’smeeting with Sergweyevna in the gardens also makes the storyinteresting. The way he approaches the lady by playing around withher dog can be very humorous in real life. He first expresses howlearned he is to the lady leaving behind his experiences whencheating on his wife. Later after meeting the lady at the sea-front,he expresses how great he is in enticing ladies, since he kissed her.The fact that Gurov is finally left by the lady is very interestingbecause he never achieved his goals (Chekhov 5).

Thestory at first introduces how people pretend while cheating. In thestory there is dishonesty in marriages, as well as, discriminationagainst women. The author tries to reveal how bad people pretend intheir dealings. Throughout the story the writer portrays how Gurovpretends to be good to the lady. Finally, the author reveals that,those who are always cheating can end up losing a lot. The fact thatGurov is left by the lady, shows that not all missions can succeed.He reveals the way Gurav is left unsatisfied suggesting that, he wastreated the same way he treat his wife.


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