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Today,the DNA technology is becoming the preferred method used inconnecting suspected criminals to criminal assaults and crime scenes.DNA evidence is progressively being applied in criminal trials. Ithas become a very important tool in verifying the innocence ofinnocent suspects who were convicted wrongly and exonerate them(Peak, 2012).

Anexample of a case where DNA evidence led to an overturned convictionis that of Lynn Dejac who had been convicted of murdering herdaughter Crystallynn Girard, aged thirteen years old at a night whenthey were bar hopping and drinking in the year 1994. Twelve yearslater, on 28thNovember of the year 2007 Lynn came out of the Erie county courthousea free woman, she had been exonerated on the basis of DNA evidence.After Judge John L. Michalski gave the order of her release, fortyfour year old Lynn started crying. Following her release, Lynntogether with Chuck Peters, her husband and her twin sons walked outof the courthouse. However, she refused to talk to news reporters.Lynn met and married her husband Chuck while still in prison. Theirtwin sons were born during their first year of marriage in prison.Upon her release, her very excited son aged 22 years told thereporters that the first thing that Lynn wanted to do immediatelyafter being released was to visit her late daughters grave, the oneshe was wrongly convicted to have killed. Then she would reunite withthe all the other family members since it had been quite a longperiod of separation. Since the year 1989, Lynn was the first femaleto be proved innocent of killing a person among the two hundred andnine people exonerated through DNA evidence (Staba, 2007).


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