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DNA Evidence



Thetechnological changes experienced in the modern world have hadnumerous impacts on the law enforcement and criminology. One of themost phenomenon technologies has been the application of DNAtechnology in profiling of criminals. There are several individualswho have been exonerated from criminal activities through applicationof DNA technology. Recently, Antonio Yarbough and Sharrif Wilsonwerefreed after DNA profiling indicated that they were innocent. The twowere incarcerated for triple murder as teenager, but recent DNAevidence led to the reverse of their convictions. The two men wereteenagers when they found Yarboung mother, sister and another womandead in their home. The police suspected that the two teenagers couldhave committed the crime. According to their testimonies afterrelease, they were mistreated and manipulated by the investigatingofficers. They were promised freedom and lighter treatment if theycooperated. After spending about half of their lives in prison, theyhave recently been freed. In a recent criminal activity, policeobtained DNA samples of the suspected criminal which were found to besimilar to the samples obtained at Yarbough’s home. The DNA samplematched the fingernails samples obtained from Yarbough’s mother.The evidence indicates that the two crimes were committed by the samecriminal. However, the second crime was committed while Yarbough andhis friend were in prison, meaning that they did not commit thecrime. Based on this evidence the two men were exonerated from thecrime and released from prison (Brumfield,2014).


Brumfield,B. (2014). Afterdecades in prison over murders, DNA evidence frees 2 New York men,available athttp://www.cnn.com/2014/02/08/justice/new-york-convicted-men-released/