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Dukheimer four functions of deviance


Dukheimerfour functions of deviance

Socialdeviance in reality T.V shows

Deviancerefers to any act which goes against the societal norms. It alsorefers to the act of refusal to abide by any given set of standardsand regulations. One of the elements which seem to promote socialdeviance is the influence of reality T.V shows on the differentmembers of the society. In the recent past, reality TV shows haveemerged as one of the most watched T.V programs.

Althoughreality T.V programs have a wide audience across the society, theycould be responsible for the high level of social deviance. In thesame breath, these reality programs could serve to reduce cases ofsocial deviance in the society. Such programs can change one’sperception of social deviance and enable one to change his or herhabit towards the positive direction. One of the reality shows whichare capable of such tendencies is a reality T.V show by the name“Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. This program shows a number ofpeople who have suffered from various forms of addiction (Driscol &ampDriscol 2012).

Socialdeviance can be in the form of addiction for various earthlypleasures such as gambling, sex, drugs, as well as alcohol. This TVprograms the viewers with an opportunity to critically examine theirown lives and come up with various social interpretations. In thereality TV program, a number of celebrities ranging fork musicians,models and actors with different forms of addiction are shown. Thedifferent celebrities are shown in their struggle to do away withharmful addictive practices. They all struggle with some form ofaddiction ranging from alcohol addition to opium addiction. This showclearly shows the importance of self perception in the fight againstaddiction. Due to their level of consciousness, the differentcelebrities decide to take part in the rehabilitation process out oftheir volition (Bauwel &amp Carpentier, 2010). It is a struggle tokick out bad habit, herein defined as social deviance. Theparticipants decide to show their addiction on TV in order to inspireothers to take charge of their own lives (Driscol &amp Driscol2012). Although the show is supposed to be a reality TV show and thusneeds to be aired as soon as it is filmed, that is no case. It isonly after later that the show is aired thus ensuring that theparticipants exhibit their uncontrolled personalities. To some level,children of famous people models and actors are expected to engage insocial practices such as addiction with drugs and sex. Each personwho takes part in the reality TV programs gives several reasons whythey engaged in their respective addictive behaviors. Their reasonsrange from emotional and physical pain, neglectful past, as well astraumatic childhood experiences. A good number of them also give thesocial perspective of their addiction. In the reality TV show, theactors reveal what led them to addiction. For instance, the actorssays that he was given drugs as part of his work, the model says thatshe was addicted to drugs so that she could keep fit. On the otherhand, the child actor says that there was nothing else he could doapart from partying.

Peoplewho utilize prescription drugs for the wrong purpose are in essenceacting in violation of certain societal norms, a behavior which canbe termed as primary social deviance. When the participants such asJeff and Gary mention about their earlier addiction with prescribeddrugs, it is safe to say that they were aware of their deviance. Oneparticipant by the name amber talks about how her mother influencedher to use drugs.

Onthe hand, social deviance is fur much different form primarydeviance. After non compliance with the social norms, a person isconsidered a deviant. As a result, such individuals act in line withtheir social label and consider themselves deviants. For instance,the celebrity participants who take part in the reality TV show viewthemselves as addicts and the challenges they have had to undergo dueto their addiction. A participant by the name of Gary is proud thathe has avoided his cocaine addiction for a period of thirteen years.This he considers as no mean achievement.

Garyseems to reject the social stigma associated with drug addiction ashe takes control of his life without considering how the societylabels him. Such TV programs can transform the society in a positiveway and lead to the effective adoption of sociological ideas ((Bauwel&amp Carpentier, 2010)). Just as Dukheimer puts it, crime and tosome extent social deviance are impossible to avoid in the society.Deviance plays a crucial role in the society and therefore serves toeducate the society. According to Dukheimer, deviance enables thesociety to understand disruption, leads to the creation of norms,allows for the unification of the society around a given world view,create societal boundaries based on mentalities and allows for theincorporation of stigmatized mannerisms. The reality TV show istherefore crucial for the development of social deviance awareness inthe society.


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