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Edited Response Discussion Question

EditedResponse: Discussion Question

Symbolismdescribes the use of symbols in signifying ideas and qualitiesthrough giving them symbolic meanings, which vary from their literalsense. In The Lottery, symbolism has been used to signify differentideas. The shabby black box, in The Lottery, is a representation ofthe lottery tradition and the illogic depicted by the villagers’devotion to it. The box is almost falling apart, barely even blackanymore following years of storage and use however, the villagersseem unwilling to think of replacing it. The villagers support theirattachment on a story, which claims that the black box was built fromparts of an older black box. Despite other lottery traditions beingforgotten or changed by the villagers, the villagers still remaindevoted to the black box.

Onthe other hand, the lottery is a representation of any behavior,idea, or action that gets transmitted from one generation to thesubsequent generation, and is followed and accepted unquestionably,despite the cruelty, bizarre, or illogical of the idea, behavior, oraction. The lottery is shown to continue taking place in the town forremarkably long time it emerges as an annual ritual, a traditionthat no one think of questioning. It is taken as part of the cultureof the town. In fact, it is usually escorted by an old adage. Thevillagers seem loyal to the loyalty, although other traditions of thelottery have faded away or changed over time. In addition, the threelegs of the stool is a representation of the manipulation of thereligion in supporting collective violence. This is because the threelegs are like the three aspects of the Christian Trinity.