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Effects of Diversification and Globalization in Nigeria

Effectsof Diversification and Globalization in Nigeria

Northern Leaders Aiding BokoHaram – Fasoranti, Afenifere Leader, March 31ST2014

Basedon the article, two regional themes are clear. First, citizens fromdifferent states and localities will be represented in the conferencebeing organized. The main issue to be discussed is resource control.Many people believe that an area should benefit from the resourceproduced there. The current practice of centralizing revenue fromdifferent localities is deemed unfair. There is increased insecurityin the North caused by a group of people called Boko Haram. These twoissues (resource control and insecurity) demonstrate the theme ofpopulation and settlement.

Population that settles in a given locality believes they shouldbenefit from the resources produced in their area. The Northernpopulation is not comfortable with the current state of affairs andthey express their grievances by causing insecurity in the area. Thetheme of geopolitical setting is also evident from the article.Afenifere leader believes that the federal government cannot come upwith a solution to the problems in the country. The leader arguesthat the problems should be addressed by the great powers such as USand Israel. Political leaders from the North have been blamed for theinsecurity (Nwegbu 12).

Onekilled, station torched in Lagos police,OPC clash, March 31st 2014

According to the article, members of Odua People Congress (OPC)engaged the police in a duel gunshot over the release of a suspect.Ajegunle area of Lagos estate where the incident occurred is said tobe densely populated. A suspected OPC member was shot dead, a straybullet hit a passer-by and one police officer was killed in theprocess. The OPC members burned a police van and the station torched.The theme of population and settlement is made clear by these facts.The high population in the area contributes to a large extent to theproblems facing this area. Areas that are densely populated tend tobe associated with insecurity. There is also an aspect of socialsetting where members of society have the guts to torch a policestation. If people’s morals are right, such acts should not beexperienced in the society (Nwegbu 15).

Africastill most food insecurecontinent- FAO, March 30th 2014

The Food and Agricultural Environment (FAO) has found that Africa isstill the most food insecure continent. Low rural incomes, highlevels of malnutrition and low levels of agricultural productivityare some of the characteristics in the continent. Although Africa hasmade important economic progress in recent years, they still ragbehind. There is a possibility that Africa will not meet theMillennium development goals by 2015. Currently, seven out of thefirst ten fastest growing economies are in Africa and the economicgrowth in sub Saharan Africa is expected to be 6.1 percent by end of2014. GDP of African continent is growing at 4.8 percent, butagricultural production is growing negatively, and it currentlystands at 3 percent compared to 3.2 percent in the previous decade.FAO advocated for providing an enabling environment to eliminatehunger from the continent by 2025. Data published by 2012 reveal thatAfrica had made the least progress in reducing poverty. This articlereveals the theme of social/ economic setting. 388 million people inAfrica leave in extreme poverty and approximately 239 million peopleare undernourished.

Nyakoto Jonathan: Your government responsiblefor rising terrorism in theNorth, March 31st 2014

There is increased insecurity in the Northern part of Nigeria and thepresident had blamed Governors to be the cause of the problem.However, governor Nyako responded by claiming that the presidentshould be blamed for the inefficiencies that characterize the state.The governor argues that the security challenges in the areaincluding oil theft, insurgency, kidnapping for ransom and armedrobbery should be blamed on the central government. The president’sclaim that the insecurity is caused by failure of governors toprovide education to the local citizens was refuted. Nyako arguedthat no notable development has occurred in the North and that waswhy ordinary citizens were dissatisfied. The governor said thepresident’s statement that they are giving guns to the localcitizens was irresponsible. The president is responsible for thesupply of guns. This article is a good illustration of geopoliticalsetting. Leaders from different states are blaming each other for theproblems facing the society.

Policemankills baby, batters wifein Edo, March 31st 2014

A gentleman who is said to be a police killed his eighteen months oldbaby and battered wife. The incident occurred at their rural home.The man changed abruptly and pounced on them. Doctors revealed thatthe body of the baby had many bites and they wondered who could dothat yet such a baby cannot fight. Police spokesperson claimed not tohave received information about the incident. This articleillustrates the social setting of this geographical area. The act ofkilling a baby demonstrates moral degradation in this area. It isalso a sad reality that husbands are still battering their wives inthe twenty first century. The fact that the husband was a policeofficer further raises questions on the qualification of theseofficials. Moreover, the man is yet to be arrested and the incidenthappened a week ago. It is written that the police spokesperson isnot aware of the event. This is a further revelation of thenegligence in this society.

Thetrue face of horror inIbadan! Bow, knife exposeherdsmen as suspects, March 30th 2014

The number of decomposed bodies in this isolated bush makes it lack adescription. One cannot have a meal in that bush. The odour in thearea is unbearable. The bodies are described to be rotting and lyingon different positions. Flies of different sizes feed on the bodies.The number of bodies is estimated to be 120 persons. There arequestions whether people who live nearby were not aware of this sadfact. At least, they knew of the bad smell. There is also a companynearby which is tall enough to enable the workers to observe theforest. This is a social setting well exposed. Moral values havedeteriorated in the society to the extent of killing and throwingpeople in the forest. The fact that the bodies are rotting revealsthe negligence in the society. One twenty persons getting lostwithout anyone’s knowledge is hard to swallow.

Diversityand Globalization in Nigeria

Nigeria as a country is highly diversified. Citizens have differentethnic backgrounds, different cultures, different roles in societyand different religious beliefs. This diversity acts as both ablessing and a curse to the society. The high levels of insecuritybeing experienced in Nigeria currently are partly caused bydiversity. Different religions are always in conflict with eachother. The debate of which religion is superior to the other seems tohave engulfed individual`s mind. Boko Haram harassing people on theNorthern part of Nigeria consist of religion leaders. Culturaldifferences largely cause the killings that have happened of late.Herdsmen are the suspects of killing 120 persons using knives andthrowing them in the forest. There have been many cases of cattlerustling in the area and this can be attributed to culture.

Different geographical areas in Nigeria are known for producingdifferent economic resources. Some parts are known for producing oil,other parts for producing cocoa and still others for producing otherstaples food. This should act as an advantage to the country.However, due to the government centralizing revenues, complaints havebeen raised from different states of the country. Those who produceoil think they should benefit more from it than areas that do notproduce oil. Areas where cocoa is produced also feel the same. Thishas brought internal conflicts and leaders from the differentlocations are unable to forge a way forward. This has brought theneed for the planned conference that will bring representatives fromdifferent parts of the country together. The meeting aimed atbringing unity among all people regardless of their origin.

Globalization has brought both negative and positive effects to theregion. Due to the opening of international boundaries, foreignerswere able to access this region. The loss of social values that areevident in this region is mostly due to globalization. Societalvalues, markets and workers, have been influenced and exploited byglobalization. Technological advancements in the region have alsoreduced privacy and intellectual property rights. The current songs,signs, rituals, dance and other cultural arts in the region are verydifferent from those of the twentieth century. Due to theavailability of other cultural factors through the internet and othersources, cultural values have been eroded. Globalization has enabledadvancements in technology that have made storage of informationeasier than before. Cultural artifacts, songs, signs, can easily bestored with the new advancements in technology. Throughglobalization, the region has been able to share its problems withthe developed countries. One of the political leaders had argued whatthe country needs to solve its problems is assistance from thedeveloped countries such as US and Israel.

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