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Effects of Smoking


Effectsof Smoking

Alarge proportion of youths in the contemporary human society havetaken up smoking as a “cool” habit. This is often a result ofpeer pressure among a large number of youth groups, with individualstaking up the habit so as to fit in. However, the habit has beentouted as one of the most dangerous ones in the contemporary humansociety. Indeed, smoking affects not only the smoker but also theindividuals living with him or her through passive smoking. In theUnited Kingdom, smoking is touted as one of the largest causes ofillnesses and deaths with more than 100,000 people dying from thehabit and even more dying from smoking-related illnesses. While theremay be differing opinion, it is evident that smoking has devastatingeffects on the health of an individual.

First,smoking has been touted as a key cause of cancer, as well as cancerrelated illnesses. Indeed, research shows that smoking causes cancersof the mouth, throat, pancreas, esophagus, kidney, cervix, bladder,larynx, and eve acute myeloid leukemia. This is especiallyconsidering that tobacco incorporates toxic metals toluene,formaldehyde, benzopyrene, vinyl chrolide, polonium-210, nickel,chromium and cadmium among other chemicals that are thought to causecancer.

Inaddition, smoking has been seen as a key cause of chronic illnessessuch as stroke, heart diseases, aortic aneurysm, cataracts, asthma,and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, as well as pneumonia amongother airway infections. This emanates from the clogging up of theair ways by the smoke from the tobacco, which essentially makes thearteries thinner, thereby necessitating the use of more energy inpumping blood to the varied organs in the body.

Moreover,smoking can have devastating effects on pregnant women. Scholars havenoted that pregnant women, who also double up as smokers, place thehealth of their unborn children at risk alongside their own health.Indeed, smoking in the course of one’s pregnancy increases anindividual’s vulnerability to complications such as stillbirths,early or premature births, miscarriage, and low birth weight babies.When an individual smokes, she takes in more than 4000 chemicals fromthe cigarette. The chemicals travel to the lungs and the bloodstream,all the way to the placenta and umbilical cord and into the baby’sbody causing the baby to struggle for oxygen. This causes their tinyhearts to pump at a higher rate. Additionally, the chemicals hinderessential nutrients from getting to the baby thereby affecting his orher growth rate and even the development of his brain.

Unfortunately,the negative effects are not limited to the smoker as individuals whotake on the passive smoke also have their health affected. Indeed,second-hand smoke has been classified as a human carcinogen orcancer-causing agent. Research shows that second-hand smoke may causelung cancer among nonsmoking adults. More than 3000 lung cancerdeaths every year among adult nonsmokers in the US have been blamedon exposure to second-hand smoke. Studies also show that living withan active smoker heightens the chances of a nonsmoker for developingailments such as lung cancer by as much as 30 percent. On the samenote, secondhand smoke carries on its devastating effects on pregnantwomen. Not only do such women stand higher chances of having babieswith low birth weights but also children that have been exposed topassive smoke are more vulnerable to SIDS, colds, bronchitis,pneumonia, as well as a more severe asthma.

Inconclusion, a large proportion of people, especially in their youthhave taken up smoking as “cool” thing. Nevertheless, smokingcomes with numerous devastating effects on people’s health. It hasbeen credited with causing cancer and a large number ofcancer-related ailments. Similarly, it is one of the major causes ofchronic ailments including asthma, stroke, heart ailments and evencataracts. Similarly, may affect pregnant mothers, as well as theirkids, as it has been known to be a leading cause of still-births, andmiscarriage thanks to the numerous chemicals that are incorporated intobacco. Unfortunately, non-smokers are not spared as second-handsmoke may bring ailments such as cancer, pneumonia and bronchitisamong others.