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Dear Dr. Smith,

I am writing inresponse to a situation expressed in writing through yourcorrespondence dated ……… First of all, I apologize on behalf ofthe tutoring team for the inconveniences and problems created by ourhandling of some issues pertaining to our students. I highly regretthe fact that this issue was not handled early enough.

As the tutoringleader for Prof. Doe’ lecture, I would like to assure you that allthe tutors are bound by the rules set by Prof. Doe herself. The rulesare very clear that 1) no late assignment are accepted under anycircumstances, 2) no make-up quizzes are given under anycircumstances and 3) its only Prof. Doe who can issue instructionalhandouts during her lecture class. From your correspondence, it isclear two rules have been broken by the tutoring team.

I stronglybelieve that tutors should be able to uphold set rules and apply themevenly on all students to ensure that justice and fairness prevail.This also ensures that all students perceive and feel that they arehandled equally and fairly to avoid demotivating them and anyfeelings of resentment that may arise.

I assure that Iwill investigate all the issues highlighted and identify the culpritsfor remedial action. I will further caution my team against anyissuance of make-up quizzes and acceptance of late submissions fromany student as per Prof. Doe’s rules. On issuing of instructionalhandouts, I will take personal initiative and explain to studentsthat they can only obtain the material from Prof. Doe’s class.

Be assured thatthe team remains committed to playing its needed role in ensuringthat the education process that this institution offers is fair, justand fulfilling its role in churning out graduates but also developingwell rounded professionals.