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Embracing same sex couples and the LGBT community

Advertisements have become part and parcel of modern life. Theindustry, worth over 250 billion, ensures that on average, an adultAmerican is exposed to 3000 adverts daily (Kilbourne, killing ussoftly 4). Such high-level interaction with adverts both consciouslyand subconsciously has shaped our culture. A new aspect beingpromoted by a number of advertisers relates to same sexrelationships. Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Microsoft are justsome of the major American brands that have accepted LGBT community(lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) through their adverts. Inparticular, Pepsi and Coca Cola have featured adverts that not onlypromote their products but also endorse and promote a new culture ofsame-sex relationships.

The Coca-Cola advert features individuals from a wide range ofcultural backgrounds singing the American national anthem indifferent languages. In one scene, a same sex couple of two menholding hands playing with what seems to be their child is veryobvious. In another scene, two men are seen staring off a window in amelancholic manner. By acknowledging such families, Coca-Cola isdirectly endorsing LGBTs and specifically same sex couples. This isalso evident in another advert by Coca-Cola’s strongest competitor,PepsiCo. The Pepsi advert intended for the UK market depicts threeguys in a club seemingly picking out partners. When one guy mastersenough courage to approach a girl who is seeking their attention, heopts otherwise and goes for a guy to the shock of the other two guys.

The adverts openly acknowledge and promote same sex couples as a newconcept globally. Kilbourne (killing us softly 4) says that a largerpercentage of interactions with an advert occurs subconsciously suchadverts can even affect those that choose to ignore this issue on thesurface. However, one might view that the adverts are designed tocourt controversy to gain better publicity. Alternatively, Kimmel’saspect of gender police can be argued for the Pepsi advert where theguy chose to approach a man as an easier rather than a girl.Nonetheless, that is very unlikely.

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