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Thecourt system plays an important role in the criminal justice system.Technological advancement and its application in the adjudicationprocess have evolved into one of the most important aspect of themodern court system. There are numerous technologies that have beenapplied in the modern court systems. Majority of these technologiesare computer based technologies in the management of court data andinformation. According to expert analysis, e-filling is the mostimportant technological advancement in the court systems. Thee-filling system has been implemented in all courts in the developedworld and majority of the courts in the developing world have anaccess to this new technology. The technology has enabled quickaccess to court information, safety of information and saving onpaper work storage space. The main advantage of e-filling has beenthe elimination of paper based filing system which is tedious andrequires massive staff to manage (Peak, 2012). In addition toe-filling, computer based technologies have led to the adoption ofdocument management systems and software that enhance accuracy andaccountability. Technologies that enable individuals to follow andparticipate in court proceedings outside the court premises such asvideo conferencing have also been applied in some courts. Despite thepositive impacts of technology in the courts, the adoption of thesetechnologies is associated with some challenges. Some of thesetechnologies, for example e-filing take time to implement, due to thehuge task of converting physical data into electronic data. Also thecost of implementing and training the court staff on the newtechnology is very high. However, the benefits of these technologiesovershadow the challenges associated with them (Agusti &amp Pere,2009).


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