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Emotional Barriers Faced By Second Language



This study paper explored the emotional barriers that are faced bythe second language learners. According to the paper the increaseduse of the English language has led to increase of the number ofpeople willing to learn English. The different barriers that affectthe ESL student, the paper branches these barrier into two theemotional and physical barriers. The barriers include fear, shame andanxiety. Some student express they fear through anger, low selfesteem, or anxiety which makes the student to isolate from the rest.Fear is caused by success, failure or rejection (Bradley &ampThouësny, 2011). Shame is another barrier to ESL student, it can bethe worst and most destructive emotional barrier. Shame is anotherpsychological barrier that is encountered by second languagelearners. Different studies carried out in the past found out that asense of shame is created by the either not performing well atschool. Emotional sensitivity may occur since most second languagelearners are usually young people who are prone to emotionalsensitivity. Failing in class and having difficult in adapting to newculture may trigger emotional sensitivity in the learner. Physicalbarriers include bullying by fellow classmate. Encouraging classdiscussion to build on student courage can play a huge role ineliminating the student fear. The tutors too should help the studentunderstand that failure is normal and one can never learn withoutfailing. On emotional sensitive student should be trained to restraintheir emotions and also avoid being too sensitive. On shame thestudent should be helped to discover the origin of his shame and howto deal with it by first learning to love themselves andunderstanding that as a human being the student has some limitation.The paper concludes that second language learners ought to be helpedto overcome the barriers that deter them from achieving their goals.


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