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Thecriminal justice employees are supposed and should perform theirduties with respect to the community they serve, as well as withinthe law. However, there are instances where law enforcement officershave been caught doing or omitting actions that seem to jeopardizeadministration of justice, as well as maintenance of law and order(Peak, 2012). Police officers are prohibited from using excessiveforce unless permitted by law under certain circumstances. The use ofexcessive force by law enforcement officers is an action that policeofficers can be held liable for and prosecuted. However, the personupon which excessive force has been used must report and proof to thedepartment of justice in order for action to be taken against theparticular law enforcement officer (Peak, 2012).

Inrecent times, criminal justice employees have been accused of askingsexual favors or sexual assaults from their clients. This is an actthat is prohibited by law and criminal justices can be held liablefor such acts. It is also evident that there has been cases wherecriminal justice employees have been accused of fabricating evidencein order to incriminate individuals (Turvey &amp Crowder, 2012).This act is prohibited by law and employees accused of the same areliable and can be prosecuted.

Itis also imperative to note that there instances where criminaljustice employees have failed to act or omitted action which hasresulted in a criminal activity or have jeopardized social order insociety. For instance, in cases where criminal justice employees failto arrest or prosecute suspected criminals, the officers in questionare liable and can be prosecuted under the law (Turvey &amp Crowder,2012). It is vital to note that employees in the criminal justicesystem must act within the law and must respect the people theyserve.


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