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Nursingpractice is a vital role and requires individuals in the nursingprofession to have efficient communication since it boosts the moraleof the nurses. Effective communication is also vital as it ensuresthat nurses fully understand their patients. Various concepts thatwill be talked about in this paper entails health assessment,interviewing and knowing the patient, communication, reflection,clinical reasoning, learning process, fatiguein the nursing practice, and interacting with deaf patients.


Themajor concept presented by the text is health assessment. The concepthas been discussed in terms of its frameworks, and types (Demsey,2013).One of the issues I learnt from this text is that assessment is theinitial and most significant phase of the nursing process. Besides, Ilearnt that there are four basic types of assessments and each variesin the quantity and type of data collected. This information haschallenged my preconceived ideas in relation to communication forpractice since it has helped in understanding the value of anassessment in the nursing practice. On the other hand, thisinformation has challenged me in developing new skills incommunication through keeping in touch with the patient sinceassessment has to involve collecting data from the patient. This newinformation is significant for practice since it will aid in ensuringefficient assessment during practice. This knowledge will betransferred to practice through doing practicals with differentpatients regularly. I learnt that I knew little concerning assessmentin the nursing practice, but have now known the parts I did not know.


Themajor concept of the text entails interviewing and knowing thepatient. Different ways of interviewing the patient are presented andhow the practitioner can further assess the patient so as to get alucid picture of him/her (Demsey,2013).From reading the text, I learnt that there are specialconsiderations, when interviewing a patient these include emotional,gerontological and cultural. This information challenged thepreconceived idea that every patient has the capacity to answerquestions posed in an interview. I realized that not every patienthas to provide an answer one has to consider emotional,gerontological and cultural aspects. This information has challengedme in developing new skills in communication through consideringemotional, gerontological and cultural aspects. The importance ofthis information is that it can aid in choosing how to interview apatient. I will transfer this knowledge in practice throughpracticing on various communication methods with different patients.I learnt that I had ignored special considerations during aninterview.


Themain concept in this text entails communication. The extract providesthe importance of communication and the different levels ofcommunication (Demsey,2013).I learnt that effective communication is vital in a health setting asit boosts the morale of staffs in a healthcare setting. Thisinformation changed the preconceived idea of communication in ahealthcare setting since it helped in developing the need to practiceeffective communication. This information challenged me in developingnew communication skills through concentrating on the challenges incommunication. This new information is significant in ensuringeffective communication that can boost the morale of team members ina healthcare setting. I will transfer this knowledge in practicethrough ensuring that I analyze the communication challenges that Ihave, and try solving them in order to be capable of communicatingeffectively. I learnt that I did not know how to communicateeffectively.


Themain concept in this text entails reflection. History of reflection,types of reflection and models of reflection are presented (Demsey,2013).I learnt that it is vital to consider reflection since it leads toimprovement of practice. This information challenged the preconceivedidea that reflection is not necessary in a healthcare setting, andmade me to commence seeing its importance. This information haschallenged me in developing new skills in communication throughfocusing on past and present in a reflective manner. This issignificant for practice since it can help in enhancing thehealthcare practice. I will transfer this knowledge to practicethrough practicing regular reflections so that I can get used to it.On the other hand, I learnt that I did not see the importance ofreflection prior to reading this text.


Themain concept in this extract entails clinical reasoning. Differentmethods of clinical reasoning and forms of clinical reasoning areprovided. Besides, the concepts of critical thinking, creativethinking and intuitive reasoning are also presented (Demsey,2013).Through reading this text, I learnt about the different forms ofclinical reasoning that one can use. This information changed thepreconceived idea since it helped in engaging in different forms ofclinical reasoning. This information challenged me in developing newcommunication skills in practice through utilizing the various formsof clinical reasoning. This is significant since it can help inengaging in solving problems after their identification duringpractice. This knowledge will be transferred in practice throughengaging in solving different problems in a healthcare setting. Onthe other hand, I learnt that I did not know to solve problems inother forms except through trial and error.


Themain concept in this extract is learning, where a nurse and midwifeare seen as educators. Different factors that affect learning arepresented (Demsey,2013).Through reading this extract, I learnt that as a nurse or midwife, aprimary understanding of the teaching-learning process is vital indeveloping own learning and teaching skills. This informationchallenged the preconceived idea that teaching-learning process is aneasy process this is because I came to understand that there aresteps that need to be followed. Besides, this information challengedme in developing new communication skills through the learning -teaching process. This is significant to the practice since it helpsone to develop and grow in the practice. This knowledge will betransferred through in practice through engaging in constantlearning-teaching process. I learnt that I knew little because I didnot engage regularly in the learning-teaching process.

ReexaminingFatigue: implications for nursing practice

Thisjournal article presents the main concept of fatigue in the nursingpractice (Graves &amp Simmons, 2009). Through reading the journalarticle, I learnt that fatigue has a negative impact on the nursingimpact. This information challenged the preconceived idea thatfatigue can only be caused by nursing staffing however, I came tounderstand that the leadership in a healthcare setting can alsocontribute to fatigue. The information challenged me in developingnew communication skills through ensuring that there is acommunication between nurses and leaders that can ensure causes offatigue are well known. This is significant since it can help ineliminating the effects of fatigue in the practice. This knowledgecan be transferred through regular examination of the effects offatigue. I learnt that I had underestimated the effect of causes offatigue in a nursing practice.

CommunicationStrategies for Nurses Interacting with Deaf Patients

Themain concept presented in this article entails interacting with deafpatients. Strategies that nurses can use in interacting with deafpatients are presented (Lieuet al, 2007).By reading this article, I learnt that deaf community can accesshealth care services through effective communication strategies usedby nurses. This information challenged the preconceived idea thatconsideration of cultural and linguistic barriers was not necessary,but this made me change the idea. Besides, this informationchallenged me in developing new communication skill throughconsidering cultural and linguistic barriers. This is significant inensuring that it is feasible to provide health care services to thedeaf. This knowledge can be transferred in practice through regularlyengaging with deaf patients.


Communicationemerges as an exceedingly crucial aspect in the nursing practice.This is because it facilitates the interaction between nurses andpatients and relation amid nurses. Reflection is also a vital elementin nursing practice since it helps in nursing development. Besides,clinical reasoning is critical to solving problems in nursingpractice. On the other hand, nurse fatigue should be observed as itcan lead to nurses quitting their jobs.


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