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Ethical Concerns and GMOs


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Geneticmodification involves a special paradigm of gene technology alteringthe genetic composition of living organisms such as plants, animalsand microorganisms. Recombinant DNA technology involves combining thegenes from different organisms such that the resultant organism isconsidered as being genetically modified (Bawa &amp Anilakumar,2013, p 1037). This paper seeks to discuss ethical concerns, whicharise during the examination of genetically modified crops.

There hasbeen a call by consumer watchdogs in nearly every country in theworld to have all food products offered in the market to be clearlylabeled as to whether they are organic or genetically modified foods.There have been economic concerns over such issues among geneticallymodified foods producers. There are estimates that such labelingcould in increased costs of foods, which are otherwise cheaper ifsuch stringent measures were not proposed. Hill (203, p 1), assertthat a family with at least four members would have to pay over fourhundred dollars more annually towards purchasing genetically modifiedfoods with the proposed labeling guidelines. From an economicperspective, this is indeed discriminatory.

Geneticengineers are required by the professional code of conduct to ensurethat the adhere towards ensuring utmost health, safety and welfareissues for the good of the public for whom they seek to uplift theirquality of life (Hill, 2013 p 2). As such the production ofgenetically modified food from an ethical professionalism point ofview would ultimately ensure what is produced improves the public’squality of life and nothing less.

Inconclusion, the production of genetically modified foods shouldtherefore be continued along ethical lines and economically limitingguidelines should be reviewed. Genetically modified foods go throughrigorous examination processes before they get to the market and assuch can only be made available to the public after they meet therequired standards. Government oversight bodies in this field ensurethis and as such, they should be simply labeled as GMO to addressboth economic and ethical issues that may arise.


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