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Ethics Case



Ethicscan be defined as the manner in which one should comply withpracticed values. One should care about ethics since one can be askedto perform an unethical thing. It is therefore only right to know thestandards of ethics to help someone to reason in a clearer view whilemaking decisions. Some of the contents for code of ethics areprofessional goals like the members dedications, statements in termof philosophy like missions and beliefs, instructive ethicscommitment for promoting, interpreting and enforcing the ethicalstandards and professional responsibility statements (Leepar).

TheCEO’s instructions pose an ethical dilemma. It is not right toinvade the privacy of another in the name of protecting the company’simage. There is also misjudging involved because different situationscall for different reactions. In the work place there is thatprofessional setting in comparison to that of an employee’s privatelife. If the behavior can be legal, it would be unethical. Thequestion would be how the company’s clients would come into contactwith the employee’s personal data and cause bad reputation to thecompany.

Inthe deontological theories, the final output is compelled by thenature of the subject. There is that question of what decision isbest based on the circumstances. In this circumstance, to friend anapplicant would not be a good idea since the circumstance for itwould be social and professional in the work setting. There is thepossibility of one deciding a certain way in a particular situationand another way in another situation which can create a problem. Theresults can therefore be conflicting, defenseless to some and finallyto yourself. However, the concern with this situation is there can beexcuses with regards to the details of the circumstances.


AssociateProfessor Lee Usnick, JD.Ethicsin the Business Context.