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Accordingto Peak, ethics is the discipline to do what is good and acceptableto the society. He adds that it is an analysis of good and badbehavioral habits upon which individuals develop the character bywhich they are known in the society (Peak, 2012).

Iagree with Peaks’s definition of ethics because it highlights allthe primary issues that concern ethics. guide the society onhow to live and relate with each other. In his definition, Peakbrings out this idea by saying that it is a discipline to do thatwhich is acceptable in the society. Through this discipline, thesociety is in harmony because people do what is expected of them asdemanded by the ethics that guide that particular society (Mohapatra,2008).

Secondly,Peak says that ethics give an analysis of what is good and bad toguide people form their characters. I agree with this thought becausethrough ethics, people know the expected standards of behavior.However, the choice of doing good or wrong lies with individuals.These choices define the character of a person, and it is throughthis character that a person is recognized in the society (Mohapatra,2008). For example, ethics require that people are honest. However,if one chooses to do the contrary, all the time, that forms his/hercharacter, then the society considers that person a liar.

Relativeethics are those that differ from one person to another or on alarger scale from one society to another. This means that what onecommunity considers ethical, may not necessarily be viewed the sameby another (Peak, 2012).These variations are brought about by thedifferences in personal and cultural values. For example, somecultures still practice female genital mutilation as a culturalpractice despite the fact many people are against it.

Absoluteethics are those that are generally accepted by different communitiesas good or bad (Peak, 2012). For example, all people agree thatlying, stealing or killing is wrong. Absolute ethics offer no choice.It is either one is in the wrong or not.


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