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Events in Cuba


Eventsin Cuba

Eventin Cuba

TheCuban revolution was led by the former leader of the country FidelCastrol. Castrol led the revolution, which ended up in theoverthrowing of the then president of Cuba Batista in January 1st1959. America played a key role in this revolution since it supportedBatista for anti-communist policies (Faragher etal, 2009).America gave Cuba political and military support, which enabledBatista to take over power in 1952 through a military coup. AlthoughPresident Kennedy later affirmed that Castrol was right to overthrowBatista, it is evident that America played a significant role infueling the revolution (Chomsky, 2011).

In the Bay of Pigs invasion, the American government had plans totopple Castrol’s government, which was viewed as a threat to theUnited States. America had trained 1200 Cuban refugees and armed themthrough the CIA. The refugees, using the American weapons andaircrafts, paddled ashore along the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. It iscritical to point out that this mission was a total failure (Chomsky,2011). The armed refugees were totally defeated by the Cuban militaryand their ships sunk. It is evident that this was a huge defeat toAmerica, who withdrew all the support for the armed refugees.Approximately 100 of the attackers were killed while the rest werearrested.

Asa consequence of the Bay of Pigs invasion, Castrol’s governmentstrengthened its links with the Soviet Union, who supported Cuba bysupplying it with missiles. The Soviet Union also built missile basesin Cuba, which sparked the Cuban Missile crisis in October of 1962(Faragher etal, 2009).In this crisis, the United States almost went into conflict with theSoviet Union over the missile bases. The Cuban Missile crisis saw theUnited States go into 13 day confrontation on one side with Cuba andthe Soviet Union on the other side. The outcome of these events sawAmerica withdraw its support for Cuba. In other words, therelationship between Cuba and the United States was destroyed and anembargo on Cuba was enforced by the United States, which stands tilltoday (Faragher etal, 2009).


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