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Experimental and Quasi-experimental Designs


Experimentaland Quasi-experimental Designs

Question1: Similarities, Differences of experimental, and Quasi- ExperimentalDesigns

Oneof the similarities between Quasi-Experimental and experiment is thatin both the sample to be studied is subjected to some condition.Besides, the two have a similarity in that nindependent variable in an experiment is the variable thatthe researcher measures some outcomes that are of interest to them.The difference includes the fact that in experiment the units arerandomly assigned while in Quasi- experiment the units are notrandomly assigned (Kirk, 2012).

Question2: ways in Which Independent Variables can be Manipulated

Anindependent variable describes the variable that can be manipulatedor changed. An independent variable can be manipulated by changingthe amount used in cases where the variable is quantifiable (Fiske,Gilbert &amp Lindzey, 2010). It can also be changed by changing bychanging the levels for example, in an experiment where one issupposed to determine the effect of education on wealth.

Question3: Application of Scientific Method and Ethical Principle

Thetype of research design that a researcher decides to use in carryingout an experiment is influenced by a number of things. One of thefactors included the nature of the research to be conducted. Theother includes the appropriate sample size that would need to be usedto come up with relevant results.

Question4: Situation for use of Quasi- Experiment or an Experiment

Onemay be required to use an experiment would be when studying an issuethat affect a large population of people and where all the peoplecannot take part in the research. A good example of such anexperiment would be studying the effect of education in attainment ofwealth. This is an experiment that may touch on the life of almostany person in the world and therefore a researcher may be required tochoose a representative sample. An example of a scenario that mayrequire the use of Quasi- experiment could be one where the topic tobe studied has a small sample. An example would be the effect ofstigmatization to Albino in a certain town.


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