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Explain the nature of the three basic promotion methods available to a marketing manager. Describe the main strengths and limitations of each

Explainthe nature of the three basic promotion methods available to amarketing manager. Describe the main strengths and limitations ofeach

Promotionrefers to the communication of information between a seller and apotential buyer with an aim of influencing attitudes and behavior(Yeshin, 2006).

Natureof the three promotion methods

  1. Sales promotion

Thismethod incorporates all promotion activities that stimulate trial,purchase, or interest of the final or end customer or others in thechannel. However, advertising, personal, and publicity selling arenot included in sale promotion’s activities.

Advantage:It is easy to implement and get results in a short and convenienttime. This is because most sales promotion efforts are designed toproduce instant results.

Disadvantage:Quality image may be tarnished this may occur when a product happensto be of high involvement category or if the promotions in productcategory have been rare (Yeshin, 2006).

  1. Mass selling

Thispromotion method incorporates communicating with a large number ofpotential customers and consumers at the same time. According toKaser (2012), the chief form of mass selling is advertising, whichrefers to any paid form of non-personal presentation of services,goods, or idea by a sponsor who is well known or identified.Advertising can be done through signs, radio, direct mails,magazines, social media, like Twitter and Facebook, and throughmagazines. Advertising aims at reaching buyers who are dispersed interms of locality or geographical areas in an effective manner (Bose,2010). Publicity is another form of mass selling that does notrequire media costs. Publicity can be defined as any unpaid form ofnon-personal presentation of goods, services, or ideas. Publicitypeople attract attention to a company and its offerings withoutpaying media costs. Publicity is preferred over advertising if acompany or firm has a really new message.

Advantage:less expensive when target market is large and scattered it helpsellers reach a large number of potential buyers and consumers withina short period

Disadvantage:less flexible as compared to personal selling cannot be adjusted toaddress audience questions

  1. Personal selling

Thismethod involves communication that is spoken in a direct way betweenpotential customers and sellers


Itinvolves face-to-face selling that provides instant feedback hence,salespeople easily adapt to the market. The seller can easily adjustthe message as they gain or get feedback from potential consumers orcustomers (Bose, 2010). For instance, if a customer fails tounderstand the initial message the salesperson has a provision ofadjusting the message in order to address any arising concerns orquestions from the customers.

Itis the most effective promotion method for building effectiverelationships with potential consumers and customers due to itsinteractive nature. Companies or firms that sell their products atlower cost or sell expensive products at extremely large volumes,which rely on customers who make repeat purchase, are the mostbeneficiaries of this type of promotion method.

Itis the most practical promotion method since it helps buyers reachpotential customers and consumers who are not easily accessed orreached through other promotion methods. For instance, publicrelations advertising, and sales promotion are not well received inbusiness market, but personal selling is readily received in such amarket.

Disadvantage:sometimes it can be extremely expensive hence, salespersons areadvised to combine this promotion method with sales promotion andmass selling (Bose, 2010)


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