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Fall of the communist


Fallof the communist

Fallof the communist

The20thcentury has experienced rising and falling of several of the worldeconomies. One of these was TheUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics-the USSR. The dissolution of thiseconomy took place officially in December 1991. In the early 19thand 20thcentury, communism and socialism concepts started to be considered bydifferent countries in the eastern and central Europe. Thesecountries embraced communism being lead by the Soviet Union.

Oneof the reasons for the collapse of Soviet Union was corruption andmismanagement of resources(Faragher etal,2009).Distribution of available resources among different countries wasconsidered to the core foundation of communismHowevercorruption leads to deterioration of the entire public system wheredistribution was vested on central government. In addition, those whowere in power were amassing enormous of power and wealth inunjustifiable ways. This was being done without consideration of theneeds of the population. It led to a wide gap between the rich andthe poor, which resulted to conflicts(Faragher etal,2009).

Furthermore,there existed a disparity between the western countries and theeastern bloc, which was underdeveloped and tightly controlled(Langley, 2006). Thebenefits of capitalism and also free markets were being felt by thosewho were working in these countries. The population came to realizethey were not getting enough for the work they were doing and theadvantages that came with economic development. The benefits were,therefore, being shared by the few in the society. This resulted todiscontent among the populations in the Soviet Union. There wastremendous interference of the day to day activities of people by thepolice and the authorities. Most of the people felt they were notfree to go around their activities, which created economic regressionin these countries(Faragher etal,2009).Together with this was mass oppression of people. The factorsdiscussed above contributed immensely to the fall of communism.


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