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Thefamily is a vital social unit that plays the central role in thesocialization and upbringing of kids to ensure that his kids grow toresponsible and productive citizens. For the children to learn thesocial norms and conform to the norms, parents should be clear abouttheir roles in the family. Authored by Jhumpa Lahiri, theinterpretation of maladies novel features a dysfunctional family, theDas family, which was falling apart. The situation of the family wasmade worse by parents who seemed to have lost control of their familywith unutterable levels of irresponsibility. Apparently, the familythat is featured in the novel is not even half close to be called adesirable family.

Thenext characteristic of the family is faithfulness and understandingbetween the spouses, which promote fidelity in a family. The malefigure in a family represents authority that should be respected bythe kids. Children should follow the directions from their parents,without questioning or ignoring thus the kids should cease doinginappropriate when asked to, by the parents.

Thesecharacteristics of a family are contrasted by the characteristicsportrayed in the interpreter of the malady`s novel. The parents havelost the control of their kids and they leave the kids to do whateverthey deem fit. Further, Mrs. Dan confessed to being unfaithful tohis husband at some point and to make it worse she no longer lovedher husband. For instance, Mrs. Das engaged into an affair with herhusband’s friend and they had a child together, without theknowledge of her husband (Lahiri,1999). There were no traces of love among the Dans family and neitherwas caring between Mrs. and Mrs. Das. There are no similaritiesbetween the beliefs and notion of a sane family and the family thatis described in the novel. For instance, Mrs. Das bought a snack forherself and ate it in front of her children. She went ahead andspilled rice from the snack making monkeys hurt her youngest childfighting for the rice (Lahiri,1999). This is extremely weird for a mother.

TheDans&nbspcould only be saved if they set to zero in their problems.The issues have to be identified and strategies set to deal with theproblems. Primarily, communication should be enhanced as everyparent plays their roles without ignorance (Lahiri,1999). The parents should reinstate their authority and socializetheir kids towards attaining the best behavior possible, and this canonly be attained if they cease pointing fingers.


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