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Film Script The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven Outline

FilmScript: The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven


VictorJoseph, Junior and Thomas sneak away from a party in order to spendtheir time in a nearby lake. Each of them describes how they feelafter using drugs, that is, they share their experiences whenhallucinating.


Victorremembers how people were drinking during his childhood age. He isseen sleeping in his bed during his parents’ party. There are chaosoutside and particularly his uncles who were fist fighting in theyard. As they take alcohol, David throws his bottle into the lake.The next day, Big Mom, the spiritual leader from their tribe, comesto Victor’s place. She explains all the dreams that Victor had inthe previous nights and gives him a drum.

Asan adult, Victor and Adrian spend their night in the reservation.They discuss Julius Windmaker,a basketball star, in thereservation.Another flashback shows Victor’s fatherwhen he was ayoung man. He is portrayed as the subject of a popular photographthat depicted violent moments during the rallies, which were againstthe Vietnam War. His story line continues including how he lovedlistening to Jimi Hendrix’s songs.

Victoroutlines how he loved his father during his childhood age. His fathermoved to Phoenix, Arizona after divorcing with his mother. Victormeets a woman at a powwow where they had sex in her car. However, heangry leaves the woman after he realizes how she wants him behavelike a ‘crazy horse.’ The story of Victor continues where hefinds out that, alcoholism has killed the society and particularlythe youth. He portrays this, when he fails to drink in Montana.


Backin 1976, Victor spends his time in his bedroom. During the New Year’sEve party, many people have arrived, they are drunk and some arefighting in the yard. The scene shows how Victor’s family wasaffected by alcoholism. There is a flash forward where Victor and hisfriends sneak out from a party to go to the lake. In this party, manyyoung men and women are dancing and taking alcohol, as well.The scenebecomes horrible when very young school boys are seen taking cocaineand heroin in the party. There is violence in the party where thedrunken young men are fighting for girls.

Then,Victor, Junior and Thomas leaves for another party near the lake.Each of them describes the hallucinations they have been having sincethey started using drugs. Victor outlines a story where he steals ahorse Thomas sends all the Europeans away from America with a magicdance Junior acts as a singing cowboy in the native America. In thisprivate party, the three starts to argue and Thomas is sent away. Inthis scene, Victor has a vision of his grandmother. His grandmotherreveals to him that he was the only saviour in that tribe. The nextday, Victor wakes up late. Immediately after preparing his breakfast,a knock is heard at the door. Soon after, Big Mom enters and rests onthe couch. As they talk, she explains the meaning of Victor’sdreams. Big Mom is a famous spiritual leader in their tribe. Shegives him a drum, which Victor keeps it for many years.


Itwas dark and cold at Woodstock. Joseph, a young man with six packsang along all the tunes played in the music festival held thatnight. Jimi Hendrix was performing the song “The Star-Spangledbanner” on the stage. Therefore, many fans had arrived men andwomen alike. There was a couple of beer bottles on the table, and,now this young man was surrounded by many girls from town. At thisage, Joseph, Victor’s father had gained popularity due to hiscommanding and soothing singing voice in the town clubs.

Twomen are seen discussing Joseph at the back seats in the club. As theyoutline, Joseph was a daring man who got involved in the anti-VietnamWar rallies. He had been imprisoned before for two years.Unfortunately, Joseph finds out the two men discussing at the back.He pulls out one of them and they start fist fighting. The bloodyfight makes the scene very disturbing and horrible as Joseph wasinjured by the glass beads. His body gets filled with blood andparticularly his head.At this point, the director of the movie bringsback the story line of Victor.

Victoris seen resting in his living room, memorizing his pastexperiences.He remembers how he loved his father who left for Phoenixin Arizona back in the days when he was young. This followed after hedivorced his wife, who later became a drunkard. Victor seems to bemoved by his past history because he tries to stay positive. Thescene is dependent on visions and memories, which reveal how life washard in their country with alcoholism and poverty. It is clear thattheir parents divorced due to alcoholism and now Victor is caught inthe shackles of alcoholism, as well.


Atthe powwow, Victor disagrees with a woman. They call each othernames. They had had sex in a car in the car. After he is finallyunable to get that woman back to her senses, he decides to hit her.As soon as he is about to slap her, he wakes up in his old bed.Thedream makes him wonder what to do next during the whole day. He hasbeen hallucinating for a year now. He takes a bottle and pours liquorin a glass. Soon after, Thomas joins him in the living room. As theytalk, Thomas mentions the issues concerning Victor’s dreams. Hesays that, Victor would have lots of nightmares if he fails to obeythe old woman’s warnings. Victor is eager to know who the womanwas, until later, after they left his house, he remembers the villagespiritual leader’s warnings. The woman gave him a drum, which hehad kept it in his bedroom for years.As soon as he is about to go forthe drum, an image of an old woman appears in the midst air for a fewseconds and then disappears.

Victor’sdreams, visions and hallucinations are horrible, which portrays howalcoholism will ruin his life in the future scenes., The old womanurged Victor ask for help when in trouble, and gave him a drum, aswell.The scene portrays the fate of everyone in the society afterbeen addicted to alcoholism. Also, Victor seems to be the saviour ofthe tribe if he asks help from the ancestors.


Inthe reservation, Victor and his friend,Adrian are seen discussingJulius, a young basketball star who is very popular in town. Theydescribe the young star as a talented one especially in games.However, due to how the preceding reservation athletes have beensuccumbed in alcoholism, they lose hope in the basketball star who isalso a drunkard. As they were discussing, Julius is arrested by thepolice after he broke car windows with a brick.

Oneyear later, Victor and Adrian attend a basketball game competition ina nearby high school. Julius played badly in the game because he hadhung overs after spending his lastnight drinking. A girl from theschool won in the games competition. The scene portrays how young menhave been affected by alcohol than the girls. Both Adrian and Victorspend the night in Spokane discussing how they had lost a talentedyoung star in alcoholism.


Ina carnival held in Spokane, Victor and his friend spots an alcoholicIndian man who is busy sipping beer from the bottles. They decide toput him in a roller by paying the attendant to keep him on the rideall day. The crowd present in the club starts laughing, which makesthe two uncomfortable. As they try to leave, the attendant calls thesecurity guards to bring them back. The scene not only amuses theviewers, but also, portrays how people are involved in alcoholismirrespective of their national origins. Additionally, Victor developsthe theme of alcoholism and violence as he spends most of his time inclubs with his friends.

Afterlong years of waiting, Victor feels disappointed after his fatherdied in a far country.He died in Phoenix, Arizonadue to alcoholism.Hecannot afford to travel to Arizona and recover his father’s bodyand, therefore, decides to borrow some money from Thomas. At thispoint, it is evident that, Victor is broke because of squanderinglots of money in alcohol and other drugs. At his home, Thomas agreesto lend Victor some cash and accompany him to Phoenix.Both Victor andThomas has been having an awkward relationship, after Victor beatThomas in front of his friends.


Onthe plane, they discuss many issues where Victor apologizes Thomasfor beating him up in front of a crowd. They had fantastic momentsafter they share some stories with a gymnast who sat next to them.After arriving, they collect his father’s items despite the badsmell that was emanating from a nearby dump site. Before he died,David’s father was a poor man according to the conditions of hishouse. It seems that, nobody cared for him, in Phoenix just becausehe was a drunkard.

Atthis moment, Thomas reveals how they had a close relationship withVictor’s father during his childhood. The scene sheds light forpossible changes in the society after the two characters reconcile.Both agree to work together when they get back home.

Ontheir way home, Thomas runs over a rabbit with David’s father’scar. They finally arrive at the reservation, where David furtheradmits listening to his friend that he will to his stories. Theyspend their night at the reservation, sharing their dreams concerningthe change of the Native Americans.

Inanother minor scene, the story of Nezzy, Victor’s aunt is addressedwhere she is portrayed as a primitive thinker in the tribe. She makestraditional dresses, in which she believes that whoever wears suchdresses can save their tribe. As they were talking during the night,her son and husband annoyed her, and, as a result, she went to anearby river to swim.She recounts her experiences with her husbandwho was a drunkard as well as how she was treated at home by hersons. When she returns home, she dances in one of her traditionaldress hoping for a change in the future.


Victorappears later, in Montana, dancing with women. He swears not to takeany alcohol while in the club. He remembers how they had good timeswith his girlfriend in bars and reservation. Though he was tempted totake beer, he remained sober until he left for home. Soon after heturns on his television, the breaking news include his mother whodied in a road accident.His mother was also a drunkard in town. Thescene portrays the fate of everyone after Victor failed to save thetribe. It is clear that, the memories of the main characters revealthe nature of the society in the past and present times. Finally,Thomas is convicted in a court of law after he held a reservationpostmaster into hostage. In summary, the end scene has been presentedin a sorrowful way in that every character suffers in one way oranother.