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First love and Forever love

Firstlove and Forever love

Firstand Forever Love

Loveis one word that is difficult to define. Different people havevarying ways of understanding the meaning of love. Psychologist cameup with various definitions of love such as companionship, passionatelove, and intimacy. Many people tend to define love from their ownlife experiences, which they once went through at the time they werein love with somebody. Other people go through tough times to findthe one whom they can spend their lifetime together. There are somecases where one may easily find the one whom they love and they endup in marriage without going through any challenge. Some people whowent through danger to find love usually defines love as a risk.Throughout the process of searching for love, one may have encounterfirst love, which may lead to lasting love or may fail to last longerthan expected. Love is a crucial matter that may be enjoyable orhurting depending on how one handles it.

Firstlove refers to the person whom a person develop a sense of intimacyto for the first time. Forever love is the person whom one has acompassionate feeling towards him or her always. Any successful firstlove may lead to marriage however most of the first loves do not endup well (Laurey, 2013). The two categories of love have some of theirown varying characteristics. First love in most cases, does not lastfor long because the ones engaged in it focuses only on their presenttimes without considering the challenges they may encounter. Whenpeople are experiencing their first love, they live under fantasy,and by the time, they come to the reality, they realize their love isnot heading to any direction. It is not easy for people to affirm thefact and they end up breaking away from their first love. Foreverlove, on the other hand, happens mostly in marriage. Married coupleschoose to spend life together hence engage in forever love unlikefirst love, which does not last.

Forthe first love experience, people live a life full of fantasies whileforever love is all about the real life occurrence. It is easy forpeople to build many fantasies unlike in forever love where realitiescount most. Life demands call for reality when one is in the stage offorever love while first love has fewer demands for the ones engagingin it. Forever love is between people who are mature enough todifferentiate life’s falsehood from real facts. First love happensto people who are still at tender age to realize the real meaning oflove (Laurey, 2013). First love is lucid because one may dream of itor imagine when in the real sense it is something impossible. Foreverlove is genuine and is never an imagination. First love is full ofexaggerations whilst forever love is simple and does not entail anyform of exaggeration. First love has a high probability of ending upin pain of heartbreak while forever love usually mean for better orworst times for the couples to endure together. Forever love canendure any difficulty but first love rarely possesses any endurance.The first love usually happens to people when they are still undermany restrictions such as parents restricting children from engagingin love issues (Laurey, 2013). Forever love occurs to people who arenot in under restrictions. Forever love only takes a willing heart,it does not operate under any restriction as the way first love does.First love does not have any value of tolerance since those engagedin it have very little time to learn and understand each other whileforever love has tolerance. Forever love has tolerance because it hassufficient time where couples learn to understand and tolerate oneanother’s weakness and strengths.

Firstlove and forever love have some similarities. They are both lovesthat involve a certain degree of human feelings. They both take placewithin the livelihood of every individual. If a person does not makean achievement in his or her first love experience, at the end of it,he or she will end up getting into being a forever love of somebody.Both loves changes the way one perceives life and everything thatoccurs around it. Both loves have many challenges characterizingthem, but the only difference is how much each can remain persistentunder the challenges. The two lives may have a negative impact onone’s life if they do not work as expected. Couples who are in amarriage are forever lovers but, if there love between them fails,the result will be separation or divorce which, will contain negativeoutcome on the life of a person. First love experience that ends inpain is possible to have a negative effect to the ones involved init. If the two classification of love have better ends such marriage,the obvious impact on an individual engaged is positive. The twocategories are similar because they invoke personal feelings andemotions.

Conclusively,forever love and first love are both types of love that may workpositively or negatively on a person. They both influence how oneperceives the environment and all that happens in it. First lovemight get to be a forever love when people get to value andunderstand each other. The two loves involve emotions, which onedevelops towards another. The two loves have different that enablepeople differentiate the love they are engaging. People should beaware of getting involved in forever love rather than wasting time infirst love that will not lead one to any future.


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