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Anthropologistsbelieve that the religion is present in all human societies, althoughmany traditional lack a word in their own societies. Religion is thetype of the universal communal picture of reality established bysociety members and exists in different forms. Since cultures changewith time, religions also change and evolve. The common religionsinclude Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. These religionshave diverse rituals and practices that mark their religiousexperience. For, instance, the ritual practices in the Christianityare going to church, baptism, and praying among others. Religionserves various functions in society. It can offer well-being andpsychological security. This is achieved by explaining events thatare above human control and opt to provide control over these forces.Religion also tends to enhance shared sense of unity and fellowshipin the society.


Languageis the means of human communication and plays a significant role inculture and society. Language not only facilitate communication, butalso a means of identification with certain cultural group. It canvary across class, religious, regions, ethnic groups and generations.Humans have systems of symbolic communications, which is mostcomplex. This is so because language is the most distinctive featureof being human because without it we could not acquire and transmitour culture from one generation to the next. Therefore, everyculture has a distinctive language with its own logical structure andset of rules for putting words and sounds together for communicating.


Humannature is the distinctive traits such as feeling and thinking thatthe human beings tend to have naturally without any interference fromculture. Human nature focuses on developing biological, social, andenvironmental factors that influence human behavior. This is sobecause these factors tend to influence the norms of behavior helphumans to define their life. Culture is the major determinant ofhuman nature because it influences thinking, feeling, and acting.Therefore, human nature is a product of human species evolution andas rooted in a continual interaction of biological and culturalprocesses.

Howhumans evolved

Evolutionis the most significant biological processes because it providesvarious accounts of how human being evolved. However, it is the mostcontroversial topic because some religious views hold thatevolutionary statements run counter to biblical teachings. The firsthuman ancestors evolved from a species that existed about 6 to 8million years ago. That ancestral species is believed to be the lastcommon ancestor human beings share with chimpanzees. In turn, thelineage that finally gave rise to the apes and human beings partedfrom a monkey-like ancestor. However, monkeys are still aroundbecause as early primate lineage diverged from one another and eachwent on separate way. Therefore, all living species are the currentresults of processes that are traced back for several years.

Race&quothow we look different, facial features&quot

Peopleare different and this diversity has been a source of personalidentity and community strength. Racial diversity has also been asource of oppression and discrimination.

Peoplelook different from one another because they have ancestors who camefrom different places. People from different races tend to havedifferent visible traits such as color, hair types, and facialfeatures. People from different races are known by their differentskin colors, which tend to co-vary with different facial features.The different races correlate with different ancestral origins suchas Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americans. Therefore, people lookdifferent because they have different ancestral backgrounds.