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Forms of disciplinary


Formsof disciplinary

Formsof disciplinary

Policeofficers and other criminal justice employees are often engaged inmisconduct activities, which attract disciplinary measures. However,it is imperative for the management of the criminal justice system tohave disciplinary measures that are oppressive, but also based onextensive investigation of the misconduct (Peak,2012).Disciplinary actions subjected to officers accused of misconduct mustbe seen to be fair and just, as well as putting into considerationthe rights of the individual wrong doer.

Oneform of disciplinary measure for the police officers and othercriminal justice system employees caught with misconduct issuspension without pay. This is a form of disciplinary action thatenables criminal justice employees to obey the set rules by thejustice system. It is imperative to note that the law enforcementofficers must lead from the front by obeying the rules that they seekensure the public obeys (Peak,2012).Suspension is a form of disciplinary action that is linked to minormisconducts of criminal justice employees. A misconduct that mayattract a suspension without pay may include committing on-dutytraffic accidents.

Inextreme cases of misconduct, the criminal justice employees arefired. This is a disciplinary action that is subject to extremeinvestigations and enormous evidence of the misconduct. For instance,a criminal justice employee caught receiving bribes for a second or athird time and in the process jeopardizing justice deliver can befired (More &amp Miller, 2014). In recent times, the criminaljustice system has come up with a new form of disciplinary actionthat subjects errant criminal justice employees to community work. Itis, however, vital to note that this form of disciplinary action isfor employees with minor forms of misconduct (Peak,2012).For instance, a police officer accused of being rude to a member ofthe public may be disciplined through working for the elderly in thecommunity where he serves. Lastly, transfer of criminal justicesystem employees and police officers has been a common form ofdisciplinary action. Employees caught with instances of bribery maybe transferred to a new station of work where there no people withwhom he or she can collaborate with in the collecting bribes (More &ampMiller, 2014).


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