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was a scientist who created a creature that was very scary through alab experiment. Victor was an ambitious scientist whoseexperiment was aimed at creating human beings from the cells of adead person. He, however, created a monster, which haunted him to hisdeath. was very scared of the creature to the point ofabandoning it, but it kept following him and ended up destroying himand his family out of anger. is a science fiction, whichincorporated human curiosity and scientific knowledge. Thisdiscussion shall focus on the similarities between andthe monster.


BothVictor and the monster were lonely. Victor had few friends in hislifetime and his mother’s death made worsened things for him as shewas his closest confidant (Shelley25).had only one close friend in his lifetime and although he loved hisfamily, he had no strong social bonds. The monster was also lonely asit was ugly was ugly and this made people run away from it. Althoughit was not harmful in the beginning, people kept running away fromthe monster because of its appearance and this made it very lonelyand miserable.

Victorand the monster also felt misunderstood. When the creature killedWilliam, Victor wanted to convince people not to kill his nanny, whowas accused of the murder. Victor knew that the creature had killedhis brother, but he knew that nobody would believe him (Shelley76).The monster also felt misunderstood as people kept running away fromit, despite the fact that it was trying to get friends. Even itscreator, Victor, ran away from it and when it tried to explain itsagony to Victor, he kept avoiding it. This made the monster feelmisunderstood as it did not intend to harm people yet no one wantedto be its friend.

Bothvictor and the monster were ambitious. Victor wanted to make a humanbeing out of dead tissue through scientific experimentation. Hisparents had always encouraged Victor and his brothers to work hardand explore their talents. When Victor joined college, his ambitionwas to study chemistry so as to create human beings. The monster wasalso ambitious as it looked forward to forming friendships and italso wanted to learn how to read and write (Bennett&amp Stuart 38).The monster longed for literacy and it taught itself how to read andwrite, so that it could be like normal human beings.

BothVictor and the monster were horrified by the appearance of themonster. When victor finished creating the monster, he looked at itand he was horrified. Victor ran away from the monster as he couldnot stand it sight and eventually became sick because its sighthorrified him. The monster was also horrified by its own sight whenit looked at itself in the pond (Aldiss81).The monster did not like its own look and this made it understand whypeople ran away from it. It was horrified by its own sight and thus,wanted a female companion that looked like it as it knew that nohuman being would want to be with such a horrific creature.

Themonster and Victor also experienced grief. The monster was saddenedby the fact that human beings kept running away from it and this madeit lonely (Aldiss115).It was also sad when Victor destroyed the female creature he wascreating to be his companion. The monster resorted to killingVictor’s close family members out of grief. Victor also experiencedmuch grief because of the monster. In the beginning, Victor was sadbecause of his mother’s death. The monster also killed Victor’sfamily members and his friends and this made Victor sad.

Victorand the monster are also cruel. Victor abandoned the creature becauseof its ugly appearance yet he was the creator. Victor also refused tocreate a female monster to be the monster’s companion despite themonster’s plea for an equally ugly companion (Shelley250).The monster was cruel as it kept killing Victor’s family inrevenge. The vengeance was directed towards the wrong people as thepeople that the monster killed were not the cause of its problems.The wrongful murder of innocent people indicated that the monster wascruel.


Victorwas a normal human being while the monster was an ugly creature.Victor was a young, ambitious man and he was of normal appearancejust like all human beings (Schor45).On the other hand, the monster was an ugly creature that resembledhuman beings. The monster was a huge creature with yellow, open skin,which did not cover its whole body (Adams97).The ugly appearance of the monster is what made normal human beingsrun away from it, despite the fact that it meant no harm to humanbeings.

Victorhad family and friends, but the monster had none. Victor had twobrothers, and parents. He also had a friend, Henry, and he gotmarried to Elizabeth (Shelley261).Victor’s life was surrounded by people. In contrast, the monsterhad no family and friends. Everyone who saw it ran away and did notwant to associate with it. The monster’s creator, Victor also ranaway from it and this made it lonely and miserable. Victor alsorefused to create a female monster for it and this meant that themonster had no one to associate with it.

Victorfelt grief because his family members had been killed, while themonster was sad out of rejection and loneliness. The monster killedVictor’s brothers, wife, and friend. This caused Victor to be sadand grief stricken. Additionally, Victor was sad for creating an uglycreature. The monster was equally sad, but it was sad because peoplerejected it, including its own creator (Aldiss121).It was also sad because Victor refused to create a female companionfor it. The monster also felt sad because nobody understood it.

Themonster was kind and genuinely wanted to form friendships. Themonster had no intentions of killing anyone and was seekingacceptance and friendships in all its interactions. The monsterwished that people would understand it and accept it. It, however,discovered that it was ugly and scary and this caused it to becomesad, as it knew that no one would want to associate with it. Themonster was thus, kind and good nurtured (Schor76).In contrast, Victor was cruel and mean. Victor ran away from themonster yet he is the one who created it. He abandoned it and thismeant that no one would understand it because of its appearance.Victor was also cruel as he destroyed the female version that he wascreating for the monster.


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