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Functions of the Institution of Education

Functionsof the Institution of Education

Functionsof the Institution of Education

Everyperson desires to get some education and more so higher educationthis emanates from the fact that the institution of education plays acrucial role in society. As such, the benefits derived from educationcannot be overlooked. The functions of education can be categorizedinto social, political, economic, as well as cultural functions. Oneof the functions of education includes the functionalist role playedby this institution. Based on this aspect, education plays the roleof imparting skills, as well as knowledge to individuals. Inaddition, education plays the sociological role of socializing peopleinto the norms, values, as well beliefs of society. In schools,students have an opportunity to learn about morals of acceptablebehavior. As such, students learn what acceptable behavior is andwhat they should not do. Education determines the conduct of a personin society and the behavioral traits that they will exhibit incertain situations (Baldock et al, 2007).

Theother sociological role of education is bringing people together andenhancing cultural cohesion and unity. The institution of educationbrings people of diverse backgrounds together. For example, studentsfrom various cultures who speak different languages interact in aschool setting. Students also learn different cultural beliefs thatare held by people from various parts of the world. The knowledge ofother cultures equips a student with information about the practicesand beliefs of other people. By learning about other cultures, itbecomes possible to shun negative stereotypes and beliefs that onemay be having about other groups. As such, hatred towards othercultures is minimized. Unity among students is also enhanced both ina classroom setting and in the entire school (Baldock et al, 2007).

Anotherfunction that education has played in my life is networking. Througheducation, I have managed to make relationships with many students.The networking is both at a personal and professional level. Thesocial networks I have created can be helpful in assisting me getjobs, as well as make lifetime friends. While schooling, one can getan opportunity to join professional bodies, which will help themdevelop their careers even after finishing campus. During my time inschool, I have managed to meet friends and professionals who havehelped me get internships during holidays. The friends I have methave also become close allies with whom I participate in games andother activities outside the classroom.

Inconclusion, it is evident that going to school has benefitted me alot as the experience of schooling has assisted me improve in anumber of ways. I have come to learn crucial life skills, which I canapply in life after I finish schooling. One of the vital skills Ihave learnt is interpersonal skills, and knowledge in interactingwith other people. As a result of education, I have managed toacquire skills such as negotiation and conflict resolution.Therefore, I can manage to resolve conflicts in a situation wherebythere are several parties that are in conflict with one another.Through education, I have also learnt skills such as team work. Thisskill has equipped me with the basic knowledge on how best I can workin teams. I can manage to bring members of a team together for acommon course in order to achieve a specific goal within a set timeframe and achieve the target without any hindrances.


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