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Global Warming and Climate Change

GlobalWarming and Climate Change

Globalwarming is a term used to describe the continued increase in theaverage temperature of the climate system of planet Earth. It iscaused by both human activities and natural events. The leading causeof global warming is the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbondioxide in the atmosphere. Today, climate change has become a realityas a result of global warming. The world is becoming hotter than itwas years ago, and if this trend continues there will be severeeffects for growing seasons, ecosystems, and animals as well as theirhabitats (Jerry 44).Basedon the current trends, global warming and climate change is one ofthe most important problems in the modern world. The problemthreatens life and the existence of human society. This paper looksat the problem of global warming and climate change, and some of theproposed solutions. Its starts by looking at the causes anddestructive effects of global warming and climate change mainly thelife threatening adverse weather conditions. The paper then describescarbon sequestration, energy conservations, use of renewable energyand individual frugality as some of the proposed solutions to globalwarming and climate change.

Theclimate system of the earth reacts to changes in its outer forcing.These outer forcing shoves the climate towards either a cooling or awarming direction. Some examples of such outer forcing includeatmospheric composition changes like increased greenhouse gases,volcanic eruptions and solar luminosity. There are many causesattributing to the increase global warming which is in turn causingclimate changes. One of the main causes of global warming is thebeing over dependent on fossil fuels for energy needs. Such fossilfuels include gas, oil and coal. Burning these fuels leads to theproduction of carbon dioxide gas which causes global warming. Anothermajor cause of global warming is the emissions of greenhouses gasesin the atmosphere. Increase in the quantities of greenhouse gaseshave been caused by destructive human activities such asdeforestation, and burning of fossil fuels which releases the carbonfrom them. Also poor waste management where trash is left anyhow todecay aggravates the global warming problem. This is because somedecaying wastes emit greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide andmethane which overload in the atmosphere thus causing global warming.For many people, the biggest ways in which they contribute to globalwarming is through air travel, driving, and the energy used at homewhere heating is the largest use (Jerry 65).

Globalwarming and climate change have destructive effects. According toWorld Health Organization (WHO), over 150,000 people are alreadydying yearly as a result of climate change. Global warming will makesome regions receive more tremendous rainfall resulting to floodswhile other regions will not receive rainfall at all thusexperiencing droughts. It could also cause a rise in sea levels ofover forty centimeters. This is because as the oceans become warm,the water in it will expand and more water will continue flowing infrom melting ice in polar caps and glaciers. The higher sea levelswill put many people life at risk because of flooding, and also swampthe low lying small island states along the oceans. Also, there hasbeen a forty percent fall of the ice in the arctic area of the earthdue to global warming. If this effect is to extend and the ice in thenorthern fields melt, there would be a sea level rise of over sevenmeters. This would not only be risky to the countries which are lowlying such as Bangladesh, but also to main cities in the western suchas New York and London. In addition, the animal species will beforced to migrate to areas that are cooler so as to survive. Expertssay that if the global warming trend persists, by the year 2050 aquarter of the animal species will destined for extinction. Also, ifaction is not taken against global warming, there will be a greatspread of deadly diseases such as dengue fever, West Nile fever,river blindness and malaria. Decreased rainfall and risingtemperatures could lead to increased loss of huge areas ofrainforests such as the South Africa and Brazilian rainforests. Inthe next few years, there will be a global political and economicinstability caused by interruption to food supplies and agriculture,and devastation to infrastructure (Frank 107).

Climatechange and global warming is a reality, and if immediate actions arenot taken to curb this problem, life in this planet will bedestroyed. So many people in the world, especially the mostsusceptible and poorest, will be at serious risk of diseases, floods,droughts and starvation. Therefore, if we are to avoid the disastrouseffects of climate change and global warming, we will be required toreduce the release of the harmful greenhouse gases so as to limit theincreasing global temperature. There are many proposed solutions toglobal warming and climate change including carbon sequestration,measures for energy conservations, use of renewable energy, andindividual frugality. Since greenhouse gases are mostly released whenfossil fuels are burned for energy production either formanufacturing, lighting, transportation, or other uses, changing thetechniques of using and producing energy should be our first step inreducing global warming (Frank 156).

Carbonsequestration is a transitional step in reduction of the amount ofcarbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Carbon sequestration isa term used to describe the process of snaring carbon dioxide gasbefore it reaches the atmosphere. There are various ways throughwhich sequestration of carbon dioxide gas can be done such as pumpingit below the ground or into large water bodies like the oceans, anduse of plants. However, in most cases the carbon dioxide gas that issequestrated by use of plants is normally released back into theatmosphere (Frank 89). To make sequestration by plants moreeffective, the universal budget allocation of plants for carbonshould be changed so as to sequester large quantities of carbondioxide. However, most people all over the world have been carryingout activities which result in emission of large amount of carbondioxide in the atmosphere such as poor agriculture, and burningforests as well as cutting of trees. Another solution to globalwarming and climate change is investing in various ways of energyconservation. This will result in reduction of carbon dioxidereleased in the atmosphere. Since we have been staying in a worldwhich had embraced the use of synthetic cheap energy for so manyyears, there are many opportunities for us to conserve energy (Frank89).

Anothereffective way of getting rid of greenhouse gases into the atmospherecompletely is use of renewable sources of energy such as wave, wind,biofuels, and solar. Most of the renewable sources of energy arevery efficient, and they are on the threshold of growing in demandsince fossil fuels are becoming increasingly expensive in terms ofcost and their effects on the climate. In countries whose governmentsare supporting the use of renewable sources of energy, there is adecrease in global warming. At individual level, here are things thateach of us should do to reduce global warming and climate change.Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases associated with trash bycomposting all the organic waste in our homes, as well as recyclebottles, papers and cardboards. Inform yourself about ways todiminish climate change and global warming by watching films or DVDs,and reading books on global warming. Then, share this informationwith the people around you to enlighten them on the ways of reducingglobal warming. Also buy vehicles and appliances which are fuelefficient, and drive less to conserve energy. Eat foods that arelocally available and organic. Have an energy audit in your home andinsulate it as well so as to conserve energy (Edmond and Jason 102).

Inconclusion, global warming and climate change is a huge problemaffecting the whole world. If action is not taken against thisproblem, we will have agricultural unbalance in most countries,unmanageable weather occurrences, and island nations will be flooded.However, the good news is that there are various ways in which thisproblem can be solved. We need to remember that human life relies ona healthy and sustainable environment, yet it has been damaged bybeing overloaded with greenhouse gases which cause global warming.The best thing to do is to stop the mentality that for us to getwealthy, we have to emit more greenhouse gases in the climate systembecause it is not true. In any case, emission of greenhouse gaseswill leave us poorer than we think instead of making us rich.


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