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Globalization Part 1


Part1&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspThereare many articles in various newspapers that canbe used to argue the different themes and problems that shapethis region. In this case I havechosen the St Petersburg Times it is one of the local dailies inRussia from the St Petersburg region. In Russia, the weatherchange can be quite drastic andtemperatures can drop to below negative degrees Celsius.Environmental geography is one of thebranches in geography that addresses the relationship betweenthe environment and human beings.&nbspArticle1&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspSpringsnowfall hits St Petersburg is an article that was published on March20, 2014. The article shows how St Petersburg was affectedby heavy snowfall that caused blanketing of roads and footpaths hencedisrupting transportation in the city. Moreover, the article goesahead to illustrate the number of resources needed to clear the snow.According to the article a total of 1189 machines and 1300 councilworkers were used to remove a total of 719 cubic meters of snow inthe region. Russia Is known for its chilly weatherthat sometimes affects thetransport system. Environmental geography is the main theme in thisarticle that shows the relationship betweenhuman beings and environment that shows how the environment affectsday to day activities.&nbspArticle 2&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspSnowfall expected for games, the article was published on January 22,2014. Russia was hosting the winter Olympic Games in Sochi and everyone was wondering whether therewill be enough snow to sustain the games. Roman vilfand, Russian topweatherman moved to dispel rumors ofthere not being adequate ice for the games. Lack of snow hadforced cancellation of some events in the month of February, andtherefore people were concerned of the same happening to the games.Another weatherman Alexander Florov even warned that there would becyclone hitting some events, according to the article snow would lastfrom seven to twenty three days.&nbspThe articles’ theme is environmental geography and shows howweather and climate changes affecthumans.&nbspArticle 3&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspCitypopulation increases, this article was published on February 12,2014. According to the article the population of St Petersburg Hasincreased to a total of 5.13 million this being an increase by 104000people. The St Petersburg population department attributed theincrease to migration which contributed to about 100000 new peopleinto the city the number was 26000 more than that in 2012. Thearticle theme is population and settlement hence this shows that thecity’s population is on the rise with a population projected to be5.5 million in 20 years. An increase in population can be attributedto many factors from jobs to the nature of environment can cause anupsurge of people into a city like St Petersburg. Populationgeography studies ways in which nature of a place affectsmigration, distribution and population increase. St Petersburg is alarge city in Russia and the weatherin this place varies according to seasonal changes hence thepopulation increase in this city can be attributed to many factors.&nbsp&nbspArticle 4&nbsp&nbspStPete remains frozen over the weekend this article was published onJanuary 17, 2014. It shows the condition in terms of weatherthat St Petersburg is in. Environmental geography shows therelationship between environmentalchanges and human activities. According to the article, St Petersburgwill remain frozen hence the change in weatherwill affect human activities overthat period. Of course when thereare negative temperatures as were expected in St Petersburg people domostly stay indoors and activities are minimized to avoid the chillyweather.&nbspArticle 5&nbsp Polar bear day promotesconservation this article was published on 27th of February 2014.The article is about how an organization by the name Polar BearInternational is using the international polar bearday to create awareness about conservation. Human activities are themain threat to the environment hence affectingthe polar bears and other wild animals whose habitat is a cool place.&nbspThe ice covering the Arctic Ocean is melting rapidly and polarbears are finding it harder to breed and hunt hence scientists warnthat the polar bears could be extinct in the next 40 years.&nbsp&nbspThe article puts a lot of emphasis on the human activities andtheir effect on the climate andtherefore urging people to reduce carbon emissions. Environmentalgeography shows the relationship betweenhuman activities and the environment. Human activities are the causeof ice melting in the arctic hence scientist project that the polarbears will be extinct in the next 40 years. &nbspThreats to polarbears habitat are multiplying by each new dawn hence there is needfor people to change into more eco-friendly sources ofenergy.&nbspArticle 6&nbsp Russian companies go green the article was published onFebruary 5th 2014. Russian is now beginning to develop strategiesto go green compared to other developed countries that embraced thesestrategies earlier. This articleshows how companies in Russia are trying to use different oralternative sources of energy that have little or less impact on theenvironment. A number of companieshave introduced environmental conservation programs to address thesesituations that may become catastrophic. &nbsp &nbspCoca-Cola and the world wildlife conservation have introduced ajoint program aimed at conserving the environment to minimize itsnegative effects on the climate.The article falls under the sub branch of environment in geographyand it shows how large companies are moving to curb negativeenvironmental effects brought bythe sources of energy they use.&nbspPART TWO&nbspDiversity is the state of having people from different culturalbackground or different races together in one place. On the otherhand globalization is the process by which we use commodities andideas from all over the world as a result of integrated free marketin the world. Mass migration of people, sophisticated technologies ontransport and communication and international border agreements amongcountries are some of the factors that have brought globalization. &nbsp The article on city population increase in St Petersburgshows how globalization has been embraced in Russia. The populationof St Petersburg increased by 104000, of this increase 100000represented migration of people into the city. 31% of this numberconsists of migrants from abroad and the CIS hence there isglobalization in Russia. Globalization opens new markets forcompanies in Russia as well as offering new labor from differentparts of the world. The article on the increase of population in StPetersburg serves to illustrate thatpeople are living in any part of the world that they prefer aslong as they bring in new ideas.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspAsa result of globalization, St Petersburg will benefit in thefollowing ways companies in St Petersburg shall have a wider accessof markets outside their area of residence hence they are able tosell more of their goods and services. The people of this area willhave a variety of goods and service as a result of companies settingup in the city. St Petersburg is projected to grow in population toan estimated 5.5 million people in the next 20 years. Therefore, withthe increase in immigrants from different parts of the world, StPetersburg will acquire differentskills from the immigrants(Marković).Hence the industries based in St Petersburg will benefit from thevarious skills brought by the people who are migrating to StPetersburg. Globalization is important in the sense that it bringspeople from different parts of the world into the city hence therewill be cheap labor for the industries in the city.&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspDiversity is also evident in St Petersburg as a result of the winterOlympics games that were held in Russia. The games bring peopletogether from different continents in the world. Although the gamestake only a few weeks, it is enough to bring new ideas, into thecountry different cultures and also lifestyles. Diversity brought bythe participants of the Olympic Games enable the locals to experiencenew things other than the norm. Also the migration of people into thecity has brought in diversity aspect in the region. 31% of the totalpopulation growth of 100000 is comprisedof migrants from other regions in the world other than Russia. &nbspThecompanies in St Petersburg will have an advantage because of thevarious skills from different people with backgrounds and cultures ofdifferent places in the world.&nbsp&nbsp


Marković,Mirjana R. Impactof Globalization on Organizational Culture, Behavior and GenderRoles.Charlotte: Information Age Pub,&nbsp2012. Print.