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Globalization Part one



YUSUFKANLI: Hate Crime and CBMs in Cyprus

Thisarticle from Hurriet daily news gives an account of how Mehmet Ali,the former president of the Cyprians has been committed to bringingpeace between the Cyprus people. In his article, Yusuf gives adescription of how the former president has made talks with varioushigh profile personalities in Turkey in an aim of bringing peaceamong the two warring communities in Cyprus. This article representsa theme of geopolitics where the former president urges the twocommunities in Cyprus to stop being at war due to the differences inculture, geographical, or issues arising from social and politicaldifferences. From an analysis, the differences among the Cyprianpeople are arising from their geographical locations, an aspect thatcreates political ambiguity between the two people sharing a similargovernment. Therefore, the article depicts the differences arisingfrom geographical backgrounds and the effect that they can have onpolitical stability between two or more communities.

ANKARA:Turkish unemployment returns to double-digits after nine months

Thisarticle describes how the unemployment has gone up after nine months.According to the article, unemployment rate by December 2013 had been10% and the number of unemployment individuals was 2.8 million.According to the article, the number of the unemployed in Turkey hadincreased by 19, 000, an indication of the disparity in increasedpopulation against labor growth. This article touches the theme ofpopulation, and socio-economics. This is because the article hasgiven real time data on the state of the economy versus thepopulation where it has indicated that unemployment rate has gone up. Analyzing the article from such themes, it is clear to see howpopulation increase can alter the economic expectations due to thedisparity in the various economic aspects due to a change inpopulation. This is because the article has indicated that Turkishgovernment had targeted 9.5% in unemployment rate by 2013, whichturned out to be 9.7%. From such statistics, it is unlikely how theeconomic status would be as the population seems to be increasing ondaily basis.

Womenworkers still face inequality, survey says

Thisarticle gives information on a survey that was conducted on the womenin the corporate world. According to the survey that was conducted byTurkish health union Saglik-Sen, 70.6% of women believed that thehousehold chores and childcare affected exploitation of theireducational and professional opportunities. Additionally, the surveyindicated that 79% of women believed that there gender inequality wasstill ongoing in the corporate world in Turkey. According to therespondents, inequality has led to poverty, and predisposition tosocial problems affecting their personal and family lives. Thisarticle has reflected on culture and socioeconomic themes. Since timeimmemorial, the Turkish culture has viewed women as people who shouldbe at home caring for the family while the men should be working.Such a culture has been carried through generations and it seems thatsuch perspectives are yet to be scrapped from the minds of theTurkish people. The article also gives information on how suchperspectives have affected the professional opportunities for womenand a possible negative effect on the economy.

Turkishimage hurt by graft claims: US envoy

Thisarticle describes how the Turkish government has hurt its image tothe US after a series of corruption among the high profileindividuals in the government. The article also points that US hasdemeaned Turkey after its ban on social media sites, YouTube, andtwitter. In light of the recent elections that were held, it is clearthat the US has not shown its interest in the way through which theTurkish government is handling its issues. The article thereforegives light on the theme of cultural diversity. The US believes thataccess to social media sites is a personal choice and turkey being ademocratic country, there is the need for people to be at will tolead their personal life, provided that they do not affect theimmediate others. On the contrary, the Turkish government believesthat the social media is likely to brainwash majority of thepopulation and create social imbalances that may be a threat to thesocial cohesion between the Turkish people. Therefore, it is clear tosee how the diversity in culture between the Turkish and theAmericans can affect social relations between the two nations.

YOUTHNGO expands at full speed

Thisarticle has provided information on how a youth NGO has expandedgreatly in reaching the youths on career enlightenment. The articlegives an insight on how the NGO has been able to reach many youths inproviding them with information on ho to choose careers. According tothe article, the NGO has served the purpose of enlightening on thecareer paths that they should take in attaining their life goals. The information contained in this article shows the theme ofsocioeconomics in the society. In light of the actions of the NGO, itis evident that the organization is working in educating the youthuniformly across Turkey, in an aim of uplifting their livingstandards and the eventual economic growth when the young adults makeinfirmed decisions on their careers.

Convertingcommunists? Cuban capital gets an Istanbul mosque

Thisis an article that briefs on the efforts done by Diyanet (turkey`sDirectorate General for Religious Affairs) to construct a mosque inIstanbul. This is an indication of a theme on cultural diversity andthe ability to embrace Islam in Cuba. The article provides how variuspersonalities have campaigned and worked in championing for the builtof a mosque in Istanbul. Through such efforts, it is clear that theDiyanet is working hard in ensuring that the Muslim community feelsnot left out in exercising their freedom to religion.


Theissues presented in the named articles give a clear presentation ofglobalization and diversification in Turkey. In light ofdiversification, it is evident that Turkey is a unique nation whoseprinciples are directed towards its culture and an independent way ofhandling its issues. With the recent ban of social media sites,YouTube, and twitter, it is clear that turkey wants to run itspeople, free of any influence from outside nations. Even after thestatement by the American ambassador in Turkey on the image thatTurkey has had on itself, the statement has not had any impact on thestate of the Turkish government and its stand on the regulations thatit has already made. The diversity can be depicted on how the US seesthe Turkish government and the diversity in opinions, background, andculture.

Diversityin Turkey can also be viewed under the perspective of the warringcommunities. From the analysis of the article on the statement givenby the former Cyprian president who states that the differences amongthe two Cyprian communities should be set aside in arriving at alasting solution to their differences. The reason of fighting stemsfrom diversity where each set of the people believes that theiropinions are right and that they should be followed. This means thatit is just that an agreement has not been arrived from thedifferences arising from the diversity in cultural background andpolitical views, leading to development of unrest in the region.Additionally, the article on building of a mosque in Istanbulhighlights on the government has been working on ensuring thatreligious diversity of the Turkish people has also been contained.

Globalizationis also an aspect that can be considered when analyzing the currentaffairs in turkey. Turkey seems to be much rooted to its culture andhas been conservative to its old way of dong and handling issues.With many nations across the world, embracing gender equality whereall sexes are given equal chances in various sectors in the society,Turkey still remains conservative in gender equality. From the surveyconducted, majority of women have stated that granting ofopportunities has been limited to the male gender and the femalepopulation has been undermined. Such perspectives have affected theeconomy in many ways due to the undermining of the female talentsthat can positively affect the economy and the society.

Insummation, Turkey is a diverse nation whose people hold a particularset of beliefs that the Turkish people believe should not beinterfered with. However, there still exists diversity, one of themain reasons at which two communities are in war. From the analysisof its current affairs, Turkey believes that as a nation, it isentitled to sticking to its own beliefs on how to run its affairswith little or no influence from other nations. Such an aspect hasmade globalization a major challenge for the Turkish people. Theevidence of such a challenge can be observed after its ban on socialsites, YouTube, and Twitter. With such a ban, it is clear to see howglobalization will be difficult to work based on the idea thatTurkey wants to work by its own. From the analysis of the articles, alight has been shed on the various themes learnt through the courseand the relation that they have on the current affairs in Turkey.


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