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Good Prison Leadership

GoodPrison Leadership

GoodPrison Leadership

Aprison researcher, John J. Dilulio jr., carried out a 3-year study onthe management of prisons in California, Texas, and Michigan andconcluded that the quality of life in the prison depended largely onthe management of the prison. According to DiIulio (1998), thefollowing six general principles should be applied for good prisonleadership:

Professionalmembers of prison staff such as nurses, doctors, accountants,including all other non-uniformed staff should receive some essentialprison training and consider themselves as prison officers first.

Accordingto Peak (2012), successful leaders focus, and motivate theirsubordinate staff to focus, on performance instead of procedures, onresults instead of the process, and on ends instead of means. Thismeans that the managers be judged on the results, rather than onexcuses.

Successfulinstitutions are led by leaders who follow (MBWA) principle whichmeans “management by walking around”. Such managers are familiarwith the cellblocks and are always on the sight in case of trouble.

Successfulleaders are in close association with key judges, politicians,reformers, journalists, as well as outsiders.

Leaderswho are successful are rare innovators. However, the innovationswhich they implement are extensive and the reasons for suchinnovations are well explained to both the staff and inmates beforethey are implemented. Therefore, good leaders must be careful toensure that they balance and do not wear down loyalty of the staff.

Successfulleaders stay in the office for enough time to comprehend and, asneeded, amend the internal operations, as well as the externalrelations of the organization. Successful leaders are like footsoldiers who serve for longer hours thus are able to make significantimprovements where possible.


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