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Government Surveillance and Personal Privacy


GovernmentSurveillance and Personal Privacy

GovernmentSurveillance and Personal Privacy

Theconcept of the right to privacy is becoming obsolete because of thechanges in the world order that requires the government to takeaction. It is therefore not the obsolescenceofthe right, but a serious matter of concern, especially due to thedevelopment of terrorism and constant threat to national security.The behavioral tracking of personal information by the governmentbreaches the right to privacy at all levels. However, as thegovernment authorities go beyond the law, the wrong people,especially terrorists have also been snooping at the sameinformation all against individual consent (Angwin,2014).Therefore, it is not shocking how much data brokers have aboutpeople.

Thewidespread domestic surveillance by the federal government is notconstitutional despite the recent conflicting court opinions. This isbecause, any right whose implementation infringes in an individual’sother fundamental rights is not constitutional enough to holdjustice. However, the surveillance can be justified as a necessarymeasure to safeguard the safety of the country. Therefore, the damageof infringing personal privacy is less compared to the damage ofinsecurity that federal security agents subdue through thesurveillance (Angwin,2014).Therefore, as much as people should be concerned that the governmentis infringing into the rights of individuals to privacy, securityshould be held paramount.

Inregard to paparazzi infringing the privacy of individuals, especiallythe celebrities, the act is still the same it is stillunconstitutional. It is wrong for anybody to break the privacy ofanother, even the government. The paparazzi infringements are illegalin the act since their intentions are just social and even malicious.Therefore, it is my opinion that the government should take minimalmeasures to infringe into our rights, but where necessary, the actionis justified.


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