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Whatnano science can do to change our future for the better?

Humansurvival cannot survive without nanotechnology. Scholars fromdifferent scientific journals have predicted a paradigm shift in thefuture of nanotechnology, how it will affect the lives of worldcivilians among others. But what is nanotechnology. Centre forResponsible Nanotechnology defines it as is the engineering offunctional systems at the molecular scale. This definition differssignificantly with earlier definitions on conceptual aspect. Similarscholars refer to nanotechnology as the projected ability toconstruct items from bottom up using techniques and tools made todayto make complete high performance products.(Centre)Studentsshould be reading onthe future of nanotechnology, benefits anddangers of nanotechnology, durability and ultimate application oftechnology in making lives better with reference to nano-metals,nano-holes and photos, the effects of robots and their responsibilityin future. Robots for instance, the products of nanotechnology areable to do several basic activities that human beings can like drive,guarding, monitoring operations among others. Apart from the robots,DNA deoxyribonucleic acid, RNA (ribonucleic acid), molecular biologyand atomic power describes nanotechnology. DNA for instance hasassisted scientists and governments resolve marital affairs. This ispossible through rigorous lab examination to identify the realparents of the children alleged to be neglected by one parent.(Wilson)Ribonucleic acid too has assisted scientist and scholars in analyzingcells and their reaction to the body. The idea of death cells in thehuman skin as well as the white and red blood cells are in existenceas a result of the study of cells. Just like RNA, molecular biologyalso helps in the study of moles and their operations in the humanbody. Many predict that nanotechnology is the next big thing. But howtrue is the statement. Marco and Polo as documented in thenanotechnology book went beyond exploration into discovering a craftto make money and return home with valuables from foreign countries.(Timp)


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