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Civilengineering is among the fastest growing jobs in the United States. Amedian civil

Engineergets annual wage earnings of $79,340 which translates to $ 38.14 perhour.

Accordingto the statistics in the occupational handbook, the number of civilengineers

Thathad been employed by 2012 were 272,900 which translates into a 20%more than

Averagerate of any job.(statistics)

Tobe specific, civil engineers have their work cut out to thefollowing: Design,

Construction,supervision of roads bridges among other engineering related jobslike

Constructionof houses. unlike any other profession, civil engineering isbecoming one

ofthe most desirable jobs in the modern world.

Thisessay discusses differences between information sources, the finaldecision on

Whetherto take engineering or change of mind, educational requirements of acivil

Engineerand the future of the career path.

Differencesbetween information sources

Engineeringhas attracted a large number of foreign students more than any course

Inthe United States. Statistics show that in 2012, approximately 764,494 foreign students

enrolledfor Engineering courses in the United States(Lord).This was a 5.7% increase form the

Previousyears when enrolment hit low in the engineering field. But the hourlywage in the civil

engineeringhandbook varies with journals in engineering. While the

occupationalHandbook estimated that the hourly wage a civil engineer earns is$38.14

civilEngineering technician’s journal puts the wage at $23.74 which is$15 dollars less

thanThe earlier occupational report. Having attracted up to 70% offoreign students,

Americanengineering courses ranks among the best centers of excellence in theworld(Lord).

Forone to qualify for a course in civil engineering, mathematics is abasic requirement

Asmost of engineering data will be purely mathematical. Measurementsfor instance is

Abasic requirement that all civil engineers must be conversant with. In the construction

Ofroads and bridges, calculations to the amount of material needed, thelabor and

Exactfigures are things one cannot avoid. Numbering, equation variable

Names,variables, distinction between mass and weight are some of the purely

Mathematicalcourses that a civil engineer should be prepared to face.(linderburg)

Withthis information, a student wishing to study civil engineering has tobe prepared for

Allthe above eventualities as they shape their future. For one to beeffective in

Engineering,understanding the civil computer programs is ideal as this helps

Studentsin computer based amplitude test. This applies to both local andinternational

Studentsnursing ambitions of pursuing a course in civil engineering. Unlikeother

Careersin social sciences, civil engineering pays better and attracts highlytalented

Individuals.Think of the ever emerging designs in the housing sector, one will be

convincedthat choosing engineering as a future career presents severalopportunities

inthe reconstruction industry.


Science,mathematics, chemistry and calculus courses are a must for one to bean

engineer.An ABET accredited program too is a must as this is what theemployers are

lookingfor. Alternatively, a post graduate certificate or diploma inengineering is

providedin several vocational schools giving engineering students an edgeover other

courses.But vocational schools do not give everything a student of civilengineering

requires.Instead, they update one on engineering,design, and computer software, the

threeare ideals for orienting the civil engineering student to thedynamics in the market. An

associatesdegree In civil engineering is however different as it requirescourses in liberal arts

andSciences (statistics).

Therea number of skills that are too a prerequisite in civil engineeringlike, critical

thinkingskills, decision making skills, problem solving skills, reading andwriting skills.

Evenso, for an engineer to practice, several bodies must accredit them toensure

Quality.National institute for certification in engineering studies is oneamong many

bodiesthat have to certify an engineer before they are allowed to practice(statistics).


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