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Greater Standard of Conduct

GreaterStandard of Conduct


GreaterStandard of Conduct

Every institution requires a set of code of conduct, which guidesemployees in their day-to-day operations. Even with the existence ofinstitutional codes of conduct, there are very many cases ofnon-compliance with established codes of conduct and ethics amongemployees in different institutions within the criminal justicesystem. As such, it is important to raise the standards of codes ofconduct in respective institutions in view of the followingarguments.

Cases involving rogue police shooters have increased in the US, withmost of them turning on innocent family members, members of thepublic and fellow police officers. This is in addition unwarrantedand insensible shooting of suspects, which goes against establishedcodes of conduct. In addition, police officers are notoriously knownfor moonlighting with most of them giving first preferential to theside jobs as opposed to their public job. This reduces their abilityto discharge their official duties effectively as they spend andreserve more effort for the after-work assignments (Hall et al 2000).

Prison wardens have been known to sexually abuse the prisoners undertheir care. As such, they abuse the personality of the person theyare supposed to rehabilitate. To avert this trend, it is importantthat the corrections department raise the standards of the code ofconduct and issuing stronger punishments to deter the wardens frompersisting in this vice. There is also concern over the residency ofemployees within the system with state regulations requiring thatemployees be residents of the states they work in. as such, it isimportant to raise the verifiability of employee information so as todiscover those who flout these regulations (Peak 2012).

Another issue plaguing employees in the criminal justice system isthe consumption of alcohol and drugs on and off the workplace. Thesesubstances have the ability to impair person’s judgment as well asincapacitating them on the job. With cases rising in the criminaljustice system, it is important that institutions within the systemadopt stringent measures aimed at enforcing and raising the existentconduct to tackle the vice among their employees (Peak 2012).


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