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Group Poster Presentation

GroupPoster Presentation

HowDoing a about Copy Number VariationContributed to Growth as a Scientist

Priorto doing the group presentation on the copy number variation, I hadnever heard about copy number variation. I really appreciated doingthe group presentation since it helped in knowing more regarding thecopy number variation. I came to understand that copy numbervariation describes alterations of the Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) ofa genome, which results in a cell having a normal or an abnormalvariation in the number of one or more parts of the DNA. The grouppresentation helped in better understanding that copy numbervariation may help in the understanding of human variations. Doing agroup poster presentation on copy number variation added to thegrowth as a scientist since it helped in adding to the scientificknowledge that the copy number variation has a role in disease. Infact, just like other genetic variations, some copy number variationshave been linked with resistance or susceptibility to diseases. Genecopy number may be elevated in the cancer cells. For example, theEGFR copy number may be above normal in the non-small cell lungcancer. Besides, copy number has also been linked with schizophreniaand autism among other conditions. I also added to the scientificknowledge by learning that copy number variation also has a role indetermining drugs that can be resistant or not resistant to a certaincondition or disease. Through this knowledge, I came to know thatcopy number variation is capable of giving scientists a signature ofsubsequent of variant cancer and help them in identifying drugs thatcan or cannot be resistant to it. This is exceedingly crucial in thescientific field since it can help in dealing with the deadly cancerdisease.

WhatI Found the Most Challenging in the Poster Presentation

Whiledoing the poster presentation, there were various challenges. Amongthese challenges entailed dealing with the group since, at first, thegroup posed the challenge of leadership since everyone desired tohave a leadership role. However, this problem became solved by thegroup members reaching a consensus on who to become the group leader.The group members agreed to offer the leadership position to amember, who had more knowledge concerning poster presentation. On theother hand, other group members were also given roles in the groupthat matched well with their knowledge. This helped in making thegroup work easier and faster. Another challenge in doing the posterpresentation was keeping time in doing the scheduledresponsibilities this was chiefly because some group members wereslow in handling their responsibilities, while others provided littlecontribution due to lack of having the required skills. Although timewas of essence, the group members ensured that every member wasconversant with the poster presentation. The above presentedchallenges seemed minor since there was a principle challenge in theposter presentation. What I found as the most challenging issue inthis presentation was finding primary sources concerning the topic. Ihad to put the acquired information in a bullet point form and thenget in touch with the group in order to make sure that overlappingwas avoided within the group. This was an immense challenge since itwas tasking and required the cooperation of all the group members.