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Gun Control


Guncontrol refers to the policies and laws that control and regulatesale, manufacture, Gun control refers to the policies and laws thatcontrol and regulate the sale, manufacture, modification, possession,and application of any firearm. These regulations vary in differentregions around the world. For instance, countries such as UnitedKingdom have developed strict limits on the possessions. Regulationof gun ownership aims at improving security through restrictinghandling of firearms by unauthorized people. Allowing possession offirearms only to the law enforcing agencies improves the security(Carrington and Sharon 1). It is notable that widespreadaccessibility of guns encourages people to involve in unlawfulpractices and behaviors. Many countries have the power to offer itsown security, that of others through the sovereignty. However,countries can lose sovereignty powers particularly when disarming isenforced by other countries. Such a process can be made possiblethrough application of sanctions, embargos or involvement in the war.In addition, violation of the international arms control agreementcan attract various sanctions and penalties (Constance EmersonCrooker 95).

Regionaland national security services and police facilitate realization oftheir laws. For instance, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,Firearms and Explosives (ATF) combines effort with the InternationalTraffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) program to ensure the realizationof the national mission. It creates channels for reducing anddiscourages illegal trafficking of firearms particularly those thatare applied by the criminals. I believe that effective gun controlprograms make a country safe and offer protection against terrorismand robbery. Unavailability and limited access to firearms make itdifficult for criminal groups to execute their unlawful practices andplans. Availability of guns offers power to criminals who feel thatthey have the required strength to executive their malicious plans(Wilcox and Bruce 56).

Myposition is that guns should be eliminated in the society to offerbetter opportunities to the children. It is unfortunate that gunshave claimed the lives of many people in the society and deniespeople their freedom of expression. For people to realize stabilityin the society, the must create room for positive interaction throughelimination of dangerous weapons. Some of the points that define myposition include enhanced social interaction, reduced deaths, stablesociety, and a better future for the society (Lester and Mary 1).Death of innocent people during violence scenes and robbery claim thelives of many people and encourage the development of variouspsychological problems. The killing of President Kennedy in 1993 is aperfect example of the dangers of uncontrolled availability of guns.

Ibelieve that controlling accessibility and availability of guns canfacilitate the realization of a better future. Guns and otherfirearms encourage development of violence and conflicts that affectthe social growth of the children. Violence scenes create socialproblems and can result to the development of undesirable outcomessuch as posttraumatic stress disorder. When children are exposed tothe application of gun, they usually tend to become criminals andface problems socializing with other people in the society.Introducing guns to children encourages develop a perception thatthey are essential that tools that everyone must in life (LaFollette1).

Allthe problems that are created by guns availability of guns can beeliminated through development of policies and regulation thatprohibits their possession, transportation, modification, and usage.For instance, there has been a worldwide debate concerning thefirearms that should be allowed to private individuals (Wilcox andBruce 56). Different countries have developed varying feelingsconcerning the firearms. Newtown massacre that took place on December20th, 2013 prompted president Obama to support introduction of a lawthat would restrict accessibility of guns. He felt that the nationalsecurity cannot be made possible with the current flow of gun. Whenaddressing the press, the president shed tears as he mourned thedeath of innocent children whom he believed that could becomebeneficial people to the country. However, the president’s ideareceived a lot of oppositions from the conservative politicians andNational Rifle Association. Nonetheless, conducted researchencouraged Americans to support introduction of strict law to limitaccessibility of firearms (Kleck and Britt 260).

Thenew law focused prohibited the sale and possession of high capacityguns and magazines. It also introduced a requirement for backgroundchecks before a gun purchase. Both Republican and Congress realizedthe need for enhancing security through prohibiting possession ofguns. A comprehensive and strong bill was developed to make itdifficult for criminals to access guns and other firearms. The newlaw increased the number of banned assault weapons, increased thelimit of the allowed capacity of an ammunition magazine to not morethan 10 rounds. The state also prohibited application ofarmor-piercing bullets (Constance Emerson Crooker 95).

Althoughthe state did not cancel gun ownership permits, it required all theauthorized owners to register their magazines with the state. Inaddition, gun owners were disallowed to load their magazines withmore than 10 rounds particularly when they are at a gun range orhome. This law created a statewide registry of people who are toanswer charges related to the application and threats involvingdangerous weapons. The law stated that the gun registry would only bemade available to the police officers and law enforcement agencies(Carrington and Sharon 1).

Inconclusion, guns can achieve another solution to the problems createdthrough encouraging and educating the society to avoid engaging incriminal activities. For instance, encouraging people to embracevarious religious understanding makes them love their neighbors andonly do desirable things to them (Goss 69). They freely stopinvolving in undesirable vices in the society and become beneficialpeople to the others.


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