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Gun control


Mauser,Gary and Kates, T. Don. “ Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder andSuicide? A review of international and some domestic violence,”HarvardJournal of Law &amp Public Policy.2005: 30 (2). 650-693.

Accordingto Mauser and Kates’ research, an increased number of guns lead toincreased deaths while reduced guns supply leads to reduces deathsthat are associated with guns. The researchers assert that guncontrol regulations in the US should become stricter in order toreduce people eligible to own weapons. This would in turn reducemurder, homicide, and suicide cases in the United States. Theresearch will apply in the research as a cause-effect essay.

Gius,Mark. “An examination of the effects of concealed weapons laws andassault weapons bans on state-level murder rates,” TheJournal of AppliedEconomics.2014. 21 (4): 265-267, DOI: 10.1080/13504851.2013.854294

Giussuggests that concealed gun permit laws will help in reducing murderand homicide rates involving guns at state level. The objective ofthe author is to evaluate the value of state-level assault armamentsrestriction and hidden weapons regulations on murder rates occurringat state-level. This study will work as a persuasive essay since itproposes suggestions that states can use to reduce murder cases.

Friedman,Matt. “Lower capacity for gun magazines approved by NJ Assemblypanel,” NewYork Jersey Times.2014. Print.

Thearticle is a report regarding the recently enacted policy thatrequires New York citizens to own guns that use magazines that holdless than ten bullets from the previous fifteen bullets. The articlesummarizes the benefits and negative consequences of the policy, aswell as the reaction of the targeted citizens. The article will applyin the bibliography since it explains the effect of the new policy inNew Jersey.

Kaplan,Thomas, “ U.S. Judge Upholds Most New York Gun Limits,” NewYork Times.2013. Print.

Thearticle asserts that Governor Andrew Cuomo approved regulations thatwere further restricting ownership of assault rifles, but he vetoed arecommended policy that was seeking to prevent private gun ownersfrom carrying guns loaded with more than seven bullets. This articlewill function as a persuasion reference since it givesrecommendations on actions that administrators can implement foreffective implementation of the law.

Crooker,Constance, E. GunControl and Gun Rights.Westport, Conn.: Greenwood press, 2003. Print.

Crookergives insight into the concept of “Gun rights” in textualinterpretation, and points to the need to own a gun. His reasons stemfrom a growing danger of the “social and critical insecurity,”which can be effectively addressed through having a weapon forprotection. The book will apply in the research as a cause and effectsince the author evaluates the latest gun laws and their impact onAmericans.

Doeden,Matt. GunControl: Preventing Violence or Crushing Constitutional Rights?Minneapolis,MN: Twenty-First Century Books, 2012. Print.

Doedenclaims that owning a gun can easily lead to breaking of the law. Theauthor introduces the concept of “gun controle” as a modernnecessity. He explains that the concept is essential depending on theintended use of the weapon. The article provides some practicalmethods that can be used to ensure that criminals and the mentallyill do not access the right to own a gun, hence it will function as apersuasive source of information attempting to guide policymakers oneffective measures they can execute to safe gun use.

“GunControl: Update.” FactsOn File News Services,28 Feb. 2011. Last modified on April 8, 2014&lthttp://www.2facts.com/PrintPage.aspx?PIN=i1700240&gt

Thearticle is a debate on whether the gun regulations in the UnitedStates should be made stricter or they should be slackened. Thearticle is a persuasive essay that seeks to urge the US to uphold thesecond constitution amendment that requires gives Americans the rightto own and bear arms for enhanced safety.

Owen,Laura.&quotTheEffect of Structural Conditions and Firearm Availability on HomicideRates: A Longitudinal Analysis.&quot&nbspPaperpresented at the annual meeting of the ASC Annual Meeting,Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Philadelphia, PA,Nov 04, 2009 &ltNot Available&gt. 2013-12-29http://citation.allacademic.com/meta/p372405_index.html

Theauthor investigates the relationship between homicide and firearms.Laura concludes that homicides fluctuate as the availability offirearms change. The article is a cause and effect literaturebecause it elaborates on effective measures the US to reduce homicidecases through controlling firearms availability.

“Datasuggest guns do in fact kill people,” TheEconomist.2013. Last modified on April 8, 2014

Thearticle is a debate concerning gun control in the United States. Thearticle will apply as a cause and effect resource since it exploresthe views and opinions of various people regarding the modificationof the second Constitution Amendment, which gives Americans the rightto own and bear arms.

DeSantis,Nick. “College Presidents Call for Stricter Gun Laws,” TheChronicle.2012. Print.

Thearticle was a report concerning an open letter that over 160 schoolprinciples signed and sent to the president and the congress, urgingthe lawmakers to establish stricter firearms regulation. This articlewill serve as a persuasion resource since the principles request thelawmakers to prohibit passing regulations that would permit students,staff, and other visitors who are not part of the armed forces to getinto the school compound with guns.