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Hackers Holding Your Pc to Ransom


HackersHolding Your Pc to Ransom

DeccanHerald describes issues of computer ethics in his case study called‘Hackers holding your PC to ransom`. He holds a discussion howcyber criminals have now evolved to freeze and hold hostage of theirvictim`s PC to demand money (Deccan, 2013). Many cases of hundreds ofthousands have reported such cases whereby notes just neither pop upon their screens alerting them that they could no longer access theirfiles nor use their computers anymore until they gave some amount ofmoney to the criminals. These cyber criminals have gone to the extentof using the name of Federal Bureau of Investigation or any other lawenforcement agency to threaten and scare their victims. Theransomware infects a virus into a user`s computer which results inlocking it up. After demanding for money to unlock it the criminals,rarely unlock it even after getting the money and the victims have topay a technician to get rid of the virus. This is very risky aschances of losing data and information is very high.

Lately,cyber criminals have enhanced to recording audio messages thatthreaten the victims of a limited amount of time to pay the moneyeven showing footages recorded from the webcams just to illustratehow they have been tracked down by the law enforcement agency. Thesecriminals are all over the world and are very skilled to attack verymany PCs within a very short period of time (Deccan, 2013).Apparently computer security experts have tracked the operations ofthese criminals and have realized that this scheme is extortingmillions of money from victims. These gangs been involved in otherlucrative schemes like banking Trojans and non-existing anti-virusscams but have left to fully concentrate on a ransomware. Thecriminals misuse the internet address of the user to customize notesto suit the native language of the user. These notes pose as threatsfrom an FBI or any other law enforcement agency to accuse the user ofaccessing illegal sites on the internet as piracy sites or gambling(Deccan, 2013).

Thereare effective ways to prevent cyber crime for PC users like use ofstrong passwords. The password should be complicated to the extentthat no other user can come up with the same. Another effective wayto prevent cyber crime is by securing PC with the use of firewall,blocking spyware attacks as well as use of updated malware software.If the user is a social media savvy, they should set their accountsto private and being careful on what is posted on the internet as itis permanently there. Users should also ensure that the operatingsystems, as well as the applications, have automatic updates to avoidany attacks from older software. In cases where the PC uses awireless network it is extremely important for the users modify thesettings and secure it (Panela, Shaira, 2012). The government is upin a task in search for these cyber criminals. One example of a gangwas found to have infected half a million PCs within less than twentydays. A big challenge in tracking these criminals is that they arevery skilled to leave any evidence behind for their conviction.Tracking such criminals requires much cooperation and skills to getevidence against their malicious acts (Panela, Shaira, 2012).


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