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HanesBrand Company

Hanesbrands Inc is a company dealing with apparel brands which includeDuofold, Outer Banks, Rinbros, Zorba, Stedman, Wonderbra and HANES.The company deals with the supply of both innerwear and outerwearmostly in the U.S and other parts of the world. Other regions inwhich the company supplies its products include Brazil, Mexico,Canada, Japan and Europe. The company employees people with differentskills such as sales and marketing, managerial skills, as well astechnical skills such as garment specification, garmentconstructions, fabric handling and workflow functions (America`sgreatest brands, 2003).

Hanesbrand recruits its employees mainly from the U.S but also has otheremployees from different parts of the world where there are retailshops. However, a significant number of the employees are based inthe company headquarters, in the U.S. There are a number ofactivities that the company deals with in its line of operation. Itsupplies shape wear, panties, bras, underwear and socks. In addition,it also provides a wide variety of clothing line for both men andwomen, including both active wear and casual wear (Hanes.com, 2014).

Hane`sbrand has a number of people as its stakeholders. Some of the companystakeholders include the company employees, the consumers, businesspartners, as well as the communities. The economic environment whichthe business operates in is based on mid income economics, whereby ittargets consumers who are in the middle class economy, as well as thehigh class. Being in the cloth line industry, the company faces muchcompetition from other well established companies. HRMconsiders a number of factors when hiring the company staff such aseducation level, skills, as well as the experience.

Thecompany enjoys the advantage of having a large market base, as wellas recognized brands. However, it faces external competition fromother companies dealing with cloth lines such as Victoria secret,jockey, and Fruit of the loom (Pride &amp Ferrel, 2011)


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