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Health Care Research Utilization


HealthCare Research Utilization


Selectionof a larger body to represent the whole body is called a sample.Therefore, sampling is the procedure by which a part is chosen. Theone carrying out the process takes any portion of universe orpopulation the portion representing the entire universe orpopulation. With sampling, the researcher does not use the recordsrecorded concerning a particular population. The researcher takes newinformation by selecting the target group whereby the researcher willclassify them according to how they want it collected. For instance,when a researcher wishes to highlight specific subgroups within thepopulation, in a given institution for example a university, theresearcher would first organize the populace by college class andthen selecting appropriate numbers of seniors, juniors, sophomoresand freshmen. This makes sure that the researcher has enough amountsof subjects from every class in the final sample. This means theresearcher has to divide the entire target populace into differentstrata or subgroups and then selecting randomly the final issuesproportionally from dissimilar strata. The researcher ensures thatthere are no overlapping subgroups so that some people will not havea higher opportunity to be selected as subjects in the sampleotherwise this would ruin the probability sample.

Whenthe professor tells the class the average or mean score and standarddeviation of the last examination was very large, the students shouldunderstand that the total of all the marks of their exams were summedup together then dividing by the number of scores so as to get theaverage. This means every ones total was added together with everyoneelse then diving by the total number of the exams done and theirtotal. While standard deviation and variance is the sum of thesquared deviations from the mean, divided by N-1. Variance isobtained from squared deviations from the mean thereby making thevariance a different unit of measurement than the mean. So what theprofessor did so as to get standard deviation he computed byobtaining the square root of the variance. This removes the squaringof deviations in so doing making standard deviation the same unit ofmeasurement as the mean. Therefore the professor used this formula soas to obtain the average score of the exam did by the student:


X=scores of the exams

N=number of scores

Themean provides much information about the results, affected by allscores and serves as a basis for the computation of other vitalmeasures such as changeability. So the students who obtains highestscores will lift cover the gap that is incurred when we have astudent who is under performing. This makes the grades of the studentto be sliced into half so that the other student’s marks can beboosted by the performing one. This is an advantage as the meansscore will go up without much effect as there is a balance.

Ifa researcher wants to compare the birth weights of infants ofpregnant teens based upon their site for prenatal delivery and carewhere the measurement unit and standard deviation is 4040.2grams and442.4 respectively then the researcher would use the coefficient ofvariation.

CV=100% X = 10.9%

Thiskind of sampling can be carried out regularly so as to determine themeasurements units of inborn so as to know what the expected weightof every born child so that incase of lesser weight then the nursecan identify what is the cause of underweight.