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High Performance Work System


HighPerformance Work System

Theimportance of a high-performance work system cannot be gainsaid asfar as profitability and sustainability of an organization isconcerned. This is especially considering that the overallproductivity of the organization is directly tied to the performanceof employees. It goes without saying that the performance ofemployees is a function of varied variables. Indeed, variedconditions must be prevalent for employees to perform optimally.First, the work in organizations must be carried out by teams (Noe etal, 2011). Furthermore, employees must be involved in the selectionand making fundamental decisions in the organization. On the samenote, it is imperative that the strong emphasis is placed oncontinuous training with rewards being given for the same. Similarly,the compensation and rewards that are given to employees must becommensurate with the stature of the organization. This is the onlyway that employees would feel that they are treated in a fair manner(Noe et al, 2011). Further, it is imperative that employeescomprehend the contribution of their jobs to the ultimate service orproduct, while the work design must enable employees to apply variedskills.

Incontinuous learning, employers expect that the employees wouldimprove the quality of services that they render to the organization.The employees, on the other hand, expect that be provided withinformation, as well as an opportunity to apply it indecision-making. In addition, employees expect that the rewards andcompensation will be tantamount to the value that is placed on themby the organization as sources of knowledge. Similarly, employersexpect employees to collaborate and be compatible with other membersof the group so as to enhance the performance of the team, whileemployees expect to be provided with an opportunity to explore andapply the skills that they have acquired.


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