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Home health and Hospice care


Homehealth and Hospice care

Licensingand accreditation carry a different meaning, but the two serve atleast one main purpose, which is to ensure quality and minimumstandards for the provider. However, a license is a legalrequirement, without which it will be unlawful to operate a nursingfacility. License to operate nursing facility is issued by the statein which the health facility is located. Unlike licensing which is agovernment function, accreditation is a private function that istotally voluntary. Hospitals, nursing homes and other health carefacilities go through accreditation procedure to obtain public andpeer recognition of the quality of the establishment (Singh, 2010).

Someof the common pros of licensing include overcoming importrestrictions such as tariff and non-tariff barriers, protection ofpatent and trademarks from non-use cancellation, and it provides asteady stream of revenue for a specified period (Gesteland and Seyk,2002). The cons of licensing include increased cost of legalservices, less profitable, and it does not provide market control. Onthe other hand, accreditation does not guarantee professionalcompetency, and the cost of accreditation is immense. However, thefact that an organization or individual has invested time andresources of going through the procedure shows that they are willingto ascribe to the professional codes of ethics and it helps toincrease the organization’s degree of honor.

Thesignificant difference between licensing and accreditation is that,unlike licensing, accreditation is based upon process rather thanprocedure. More so, the principles of accreditation focus on qualityimprovement rather than compliance to strict obedience to regulationsin licensing. Lastly, licensing is a legal requirement undergovernment regulation, while accreditation is a voluntary functionconducted by the Joint Commission on accreditation of HealthcareOrganizations, which is a private non-profiting organization.


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