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Home video or theatre, which is the best?

Home video or theatre, whichis the best?

Technological advances in themodern age have provided many options that can be used to watchmovies. Today, a film can be watched from any place and at any timeusing numerous devices such as laptop, Smartphone, on a TV at home orat a theater. The two most popular platforms through which peopleview movies are home and theater. However, these two places havedifferences in term of costs, privacy, location, and convenience.This being the case, it depends on the person’s predisposingfactors to determine where to watch a given film from. Under normalcircumstances, depending on the context of viewing, experiencesachieved are either similar of different when viewing takes place athome or at the theater.

Comparison the two videoexperiences


Both platforms of viewingpresent the same elements of excitement and thrill.The flow, comic and the scenes leave charging effects on theaudience. When people of diverse places and natures meet, as theyshare before and after the movie, mixed excitements are achieved. Atthe theater, it may be more thrilling and entertaining than at homeespecially when one is accompanied by friends. A movie can beentertaining when watched by a group of people but the same cannot besaid of home viewing, since the space may not accommodate a largenumber of people. Since the main purpose of watching a movie is toderive pleasure and excitement, theaters are the best places whichguarantee this feature.


Home provides the best settingfor an interactive experience. It is inexpensive and accommodativeamong all age groups since there are no costs related to entrancecharges, snacks and drinks. Observing an episode with friends fromone’s comfort is basically cheaper since snacks and drinks are soldat market value unlike at the theaters where the price isexaggerated. (McKenzie 80). Sometimes theaters may be located at farplaces and this could only add transport costs to the viewingexpenses. A person who may not have the financial means to go caterfor these expenses may find it inconvenient. This is unlike watchinga DVD at home where such costs are not necessary and no priorpreparation is required..


At the theater, thepossibilities of being disturbed are many ranging from phone ringing,frequent movements, uncomfortable chairs, and other nuisances.Viewing a film at home is more comfortable because, one can controlthe distractions that may be available. At the same time, one canwatch the movie while sitting on the floor, on a sofa, on the bed, orat a comfortable position of one’s comfortability. Furthermore, onecan identify a movie from a given collection at home unlike in atheater setting where one has to rely on a predetermined movie. Thisbrings the challenge of taste and preference. In the same breath,homes assure confidentiality and privacy, conditions which lack intheatres. To large extent, viewing of video of home provides the bestcomfortable experience.


The discretion to watch amovie of one’s choice is extremely essential. The ability to selectwhatever video genre of one’s personal taste is equally important.In addition, the freedom to take control of the time to watch orrelax is just as important.At home, one canview a movie at any given time either in full or a particularinteresting part of the movie. At the theater, there is no controlover the title or subject matter to be watched. In some instances,going to a theater may prove costly and expensive especially when onehas to trade time for a given movie showing at the theater. Based ontime and location, one may get inconvenienced to watch the fullepisodes if factors beyond a person’s control arise, like trafficjam. Total control at the theater normally lies at the hands of themanagement and an individual’s condition may not lead to the moviebeing stopped. If one wants to go to the bathroom or if any personalemergency arises, one would mostly lose part of the movie which mightbe the best part. At home however, the total control of the viewingdevices is under the viewer and the control of how movies are watchedis easy. In case there is a need to postpone watching of the movieuntil a convenient time then home becomes the best avenue. At homealso, those watching can control the time and type of program beingwatched. This means that if a movie is produced for adults only,discretion can be put when viewing the film. It is quite different intheaters where a given series has to be aired at a given timeirrespective of the age and status of those attending. In essence,theatre movies may compromise both ethical issues and morality.


The aspect of video quality isa good determinant of the watching experience. Viewing movies orfilms at a theater gives a unique and satisfying experience. Thisexperience can partly be explained by both visual and audio qualitiesof the video. At the theaters, one is able to scale the image showingby sitting in front, at the middle or at the most convenient positionwhere the best quality can be derived. There may be quality and soundcompromise at home since the viewing place is not as big as atheater, and the devices may not be as strong as those available atthe theater. In addition, the three dimensional feature which isprovided by theatre film also adds to the satisfying experience.


Watching a film or a movie athome or theater brings excitement and satisfaction to the watcher. Aperson intending to watch movie should decide where to watch themovie from based on the prevailing circumstances and conditions. To alarge extent, theaters may provide a better view to those people whoare outgoing and are willing to pay handsomely to watch a givenmovie. Those people who want to watch movies before they are releasedto the market may find theaters advantageous. However, the decisionto choose one of the two viewing experiences should be informed bycertain factors. These factors include the cost implication, thequality of view, and comfort. One therefore needs to criticallyexamine these factors before making any decisive move.

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