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Horror Films Reaction Papers Let the Right One In

HorrorFilms Reaction Papers: Let the Right One In

Accordingto the horror movie, “Let the Right One In”, the producersintroduce the viewers into the life of a Vampire,bythe name Eli. Vampires are described as mythical beings that feed onhuman blood for survival and are affected by direct sunlight, whichmakes them explode. In addition, vampires are characterized bysolitude, antisocial life and tendency to inhabit dark places. In themovie, Eli is presented as antisocial, and is constantly discouragingOscar against making friends with her. In addition, vampires pass ontheir unique traits to other humans after a bite, as demonstrated byVirginia’s change into a vampire after Eli bit her. Vampires arealso very violent, secretive and are rarely discovered unless theymake mistakes during their killing escapades. In addition, just as inthe movie, vampires have to find a constant supply of blood for theirsurvival. In the movie, Eli’s life as a vampire is demonstrated byher over-reliance on blood for her survival. In addition, vampiresare affected by direct sunshine, and hence her struggle to escapedirect sunlight and her torment when deprived off blood. In one ofthe scenes, Eli’s keeper, Hakan fails in his quest to collect bloodfrom one of his targets and Eli has to take the initiative ofidentifying targets for her satisfaction.

Parasiticbehavior is also demonstrated in the horror movie. Parasitesare identified as parties relying on others for survival. In thisdescription, parasites are defined within the contexts of destructionor dependence on wastes not valued by hosts. In the first instance,hosts may be hurt as parasites try to collect their materials, whilein the second instance, hosts do not hold any value for the wastes ormaterials collected by parasites. They cause physical andpsychological problems on hosts. In the movie “Let the Right OneIn”, Eli is an active parasite, who has to harm and kill hosts inorder to benefit from them. Parasitic traits in Eli are demonstratedby her insatiable need of blood and the fact that she could not havesurvived without the component. Her life was determined by her accessto blood and the ability to remain anonymous irrespective of her age.She depends on the blood of other humans to survive and has to relyon Oscar’s protection to maintain her disguise.

Deathis defined as termination of existence. Once a being ceases to live,it dies and acquires the state of death. Death is often preceded bytorture, suffering and pain, which lead to total organ failures.Death correlates to vampires and parasites. When vampires desire theblood of humans, they kill their hosts by sucking all their blood.Although there are survivors in attacks on hosts, vampires orparasites must kill their hosts for survival. Death is exemplified inEli’s and her keeper’s actions. Whenever they sought out forblood, an individual died. Death is an end to an individual’s lifeand permanent disconnection with the living activities. Deathsignifies a break up from existence and is demonstrated byindividuals’ termination of life and start of after-life. When Elifocused on her hosts, she ended up killing them. Her actions led todeath. Most of the individuals targeted to supply blood to Eli diedor were converted to vampires, for example Virginia, who had tocommit suicide after realizing her condition.

Addictionisa state of physiological or psychological dependence on a drug orother component, for example blood, liable to have a damaging effect.Addiction is also the aspect of losing control of needs and wants dueto their effects on the body, mind and psychological wellbeing, andis described as a state when the body losses control of its desiresand it starts to search for the hosts or supplier of wants to sustainits life. Among vampires, blood is one of the most importantrequirements for their survival. However, it depletes vampirescontrol over their thirst and leads to addiction. Vampires aretherefore addicted to blood and have to search for constant supply ofblood for their survival. In the movie, addiction is demonstrated inEli who is focused on killing for her survival. Eli is continuouslyaddicted to human blood that she has to encourage Oscar to becomepart of her team. In addition, when Eli realizes that Hakan is in hislast moments, she agrees to suck his blood to remain alive. Heraddiction forces her into betrayal. Although Eli loves Hakan, heraddiction makes it irresistible to suck her keeper’s blood.

MassHysteriais an emotionally unstable state brought about by a traumaticexperience in a large group of people. Mass hysteria occurs when apopulation is subjected to fear, uncertainty and panic. Mass hysteriaoccurs after serious and severe issues start affecting members of apopulation. For example, when multiple deaths occur, people startfearing for their lives. When Hakan starts the killing in theneighborhood and blows it up when targeting students, Eli takes overin quest for survival. Eli’s multiple killings lead to masshysteria at which people start fearing for their lives. A testimonyfrom Gosta does not alleviate the hysteria but rather increases fearand uncertainty over neighbors. Mass hysteria caused Lacke to seekrevenge leading to his death. Throughout the story, the charactersextend fear from the audiences to the readers and actors bydemonstrating uncertain dangers and experiences. Mass hysteria causeswidespread fear and panic among populations, since they do notunderstand when real danger is imminent.