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House keeping



Inthe recent past, hotel industry has received advanced technology thathas played a significant role in improving service provision. Due tothe boom in tourism, many people depend on hotel rooms for nights.Due to the need of quality service provision, invention of machineslike the dry cleaning gadget is on the rise.

Forthe purpose of efficiency and time management, there is anintroduction of conveyor belts that are used to supply uniforms tothe team. These belts are electrically controlled and give a supplyto the entire institution thus saving the time that would be used bythe team in finding their uniforms. After the clothes have beencleaned using the cleaning machines, they are taken to foldingmachine. The machines have helped save time for the tourists andthose who lodge in the hotels (Raghubalan, 2007). The service of thehousekeeper improves due to use of machinery that enables themperform many tasks at once.

Toprovide quality service in room cleanliness, the floors must be verywell done. In the modern day, even the very difficult part of thefloor to clean with human hands is cleaned using the burnishingmachine. The machine ensures a better appearance and attractive lookof the floors as it scrubs the floor thoroughly. This machine finallypolishes the floor giving it the best appearance. Floor maintenanceis made easy thus giving it a long life-span.

Inthe line of communication between the room keepers and themanagement, there has been the introduction of portable communicatorsthat allows easier communication between the two. These devices aremonitored from central point and minimize time mismanagement byworkers trying to contact the management.


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