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Human Resource Management Audit


HumanResource Management Audit

Humanresource management has been one of the most fundamental aspects oforganizations in the contemporary society. Underlining its importanceis the fact that it is charged with supplying the organization withtalented and motivated employees who can ensure its competitiveness(Noe et al, 2011). However, it is imperative that the effectivenessof Human resource Management in meeting the needs of its customers(in this case the organization) is determined. This is done bycarrying out a HRM audit, where a formal review of HRM functions’outcomes is undertaken through the identification of the key measuresand functions of business performance and customer satisfaction thatare indicative of the success of every function (Noe et al, 2011).

AHRN audit examines any measure that relates to the successfulmanagement of human resources including staffing, benefits,compensation, appraisal and development and training (Noe et al,2011). Other measures that are examined include succession planning,positive labor relations, maintenance of safe workplaces and evencompliance with laws pertaining to equal employment opportunity (Noeet al, 2011). Once the performance measures have been identified,information would be gathered on how much they have been satisfied ormet.

HRMaudit comes with numerous benefits. Top among them is the fact thatit assists in the comprehension of the effectiveness of the humanresource functions, which allows the top management to discover thepractices that are most relevant in the industry. On the same note,it assists the company to determine the steps that should be takenwithin the human resources function so as to assist it in achievingits business objectives and goals. In addition, it assists in thereduction if wastage in Human resources thereby enhancingcost-efficiency.


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