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Human Sexuality




Humansexuality is a crucial aspect that touches on the fundamentalexistence of human beings. It refers to the ability of an individualto undergo erotic experiences and responses (Rathus et al, 2014). Itunderlines the manner in which individuals comprehend and expressthemselves, their consciousness as females and males, as well as theability that they have for erotic responses and experiences in thecourse of sexual intercourse (Rathus et al, 2014).

Inmy opinion, individuals who are more permissive about their sexualityare more expressive about it. On the same, I have come to believethat a large number of the sexual preferences that may appear normalin the contemporary human society are simply unacceptable in allrespects. This is especially when such acts involve sexual contactwith animals or even with individuals of the same sex. Similarly, Ihave always felt that the assignment of specific roles to particulargenders as highly retrogressive and archaic. Unfortunately, I havelived in a patriarchal society where men are assigned a higherstature than their women counterparts. This, in my opinion, is simplyunacceptable.

Myattitudes have primarily been shaped by the societies within which Ihave lived. As a Puerto Rican, there are varied norms, cultures andbeliefs pertaining to the manner in which matters of sexuality shouldbe expressed. These cultures are clear about having partners of theopposite sex (Rosenthalet al, 2013).Similarly, the media and my interaction with other people from otherparts of the globe has allowed for a change in the attitudespertaining to the stature of women and men (Hill,2007).Indeed, these have given me the opinion that women are notsubordinate in any way, rather they have equal or even higher mentalaptitudes as men.


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